Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where were the bullies when George Clooney and Brad Pitt were in School?

Monday after an ill-fated trip to the range I was listening to KFYR radio and they were giving away tickets to Ocean 13. While it was good, it really didn't compare to what the Rat Pack did with the original Ocean's 11. And I'll admit it was pretty entertaining.

The caveat to being able to go to the flick gratis was there was a review form that we were supposed to fill out. My one complaint was that Pitt and Clooney in one scene were crying like little school girls when they were watching Oprah.

What happened to American society that has made it alright for men to cry and to hug each other? Men are supposed to be able to take a beating, to stand up against a wrong, and not be sissy's. It concerns me that there are people that are pushing the thought that toughness is something that should scorned. What's going to happen when the monster's strike and it is clear that we no longer have a choice to sit on the sidelines? Sit down, suck on our thumb, and pout?

Shoot, my grandparents lived through the Great Depression and Grandpa was a medic in WWII. They didn't have the option of sitting down and crying they had to face the difficulty head on.

I don't know if it is because we are becoming such a self-adsorbed culture that men can be sissy's and there is no longer the shame of not cinching up the belt and getting the job done, or whatever else it could be. It just sticks in my craw is all.

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