Friday, June 08, 2007

With a Heavy Heart.

As I have admitted many times I'm not really a pet person, but when it comes to Katie she has a way of "worming herself" into your heart. Which she didn't convert other non-pet or cat-haters to cat-lovers beyond her. (PS she didn't belong in shopping malls either)

But as I wrote back in April she is a member of the family and we know she felt the loss of dad just as much as we did, just judging how she would go over to the church at the times dad would be ready for a break for months afterwards.
Needless to say she was a great comfort to us three in the years afterwards.

But in the last couple of months her health has begun to deteriate and her organs are begining to fail her. So tomorrow my beloved sister is going to do one of the hardest things, something none of us want but we don't want Katie to suffer any more.

She will be missed.


Cathy said...

It is never an easy thing to say goodbye to a beloved pet. I'm sorry for this loss for you and your family.

Tonto said...

I am so sorry.

Ms.Green said...

:( I'm really sorry. I do think there will be animals in heaven.