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Where Christians Have it impossibly hard

Fox News reported this morning that a Pastor in Iraq has said that it's next to impossible for Christians to worship in peace since muslims have slaughtered at least 36 Christians this month. The 'radical' muslims are demanding that they convert, pay on nonbeliever tax, or die.

We really need to keep our Brothers and Sisters in muslim and communist countries in our prayers.

Dog fighting, bull fighting, and child abuse.

I'll admit it I don't care one way or another if Michael Vick was involved with dog fighting. First off of all the animals I have the least use for is any canine falls on the top of the list. I hunt coyotes and the thing that convinced me to carry 100% 0f the time was a dog attack not criminals.

Since I'm a hick and worked my share of beeves and I've watch a few bull fights. None that were staged, well at least by humans. Does this make me a bad person?

More than both of these when Fox had "When Animal Attacks" on no one complained about the exploitation of animals. No one complains about the voyeurism of animals fighting on Animal Planet, which I've only watch one show on the Animal Planet about the messager pigeons they used during WWI.

About the same time the indictment, there was a story about a couple that starved their kids because 'they were to busy playing video games.' While it was reported there is no where near the indignation that is aimed at Michael Vick aimed at these losers. It bothers me that people are more worried about animals than a couple of innocent children.

Another of reason I don't care is the 'moral superiority' of a lot of people that are decrying the alleged dog fighting (something that has yet to be proven in a court of law See Duke rape case). These same reporters are ignoring various types of assault on humans. They are acting like, well, over sanctimonious Christians. As if they are with out any sin or crime.

There are enough things that I'm morally indignant about, I just don't have the emotional reserve to decry alleged dog fighting. Especially, when I see anti-hunting and anti-ranching groups use this to show their 'piety' when calling for Michael Vick to be killed. These groups unfortunately are getting a ton of milage out of this story.

If he did this fine, put him in jail...but if some pedophile has to give up his bed so Michael Vick can rot in prison society is worse off. And another thing, if the NFL is unwilling to suspend wife beaters or drug abusers there is no reason Michael Vick should loose his job. Anyone else that would be accused of a crime wouldn't loose their job, to expect him to loose it without a conviction is totally un-American. While no one should be involved with this, what is wrong with this country when we are more worried about mutts than children? I'll save my outrage for abused kids and when criminals don't receive justice personally.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Had to see a man about a horse, Or you know your a hick when you go to a store just to see a horse

Being not much for animals other than horses, eagles, and those I eat anytime I get a chance to be around horse I jump at it, Even if it's over 100 degrees out. In this case, Radar is the world's largest horse.

You know your a hick when you go to a store just to see a horse. And Radar is quite the horse. He is about 6'7 1/4" at the withers (or shoulders), weighing around 2400 lbs.

I would say if he's in your area he's worth seeing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Nevertheless, to the persecution and tyranny
of his cruel ministry we will not tamely submit
- appealing to Heaven for the justice of our cause,
we determine to die or be free...."

-- Joseph Warren (American account of the Battle of Lexington,26 April 1775)Reference: Documents of American History, Commager, ed., vol. 1(99)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


OSHA has rescinded their decision to functionally eliminate ammunition sales.

There was a proposed rule that would have made it impossible for gun store, gas stations, sporting goods stores to store and sell ammunition, even though there the thousands of stores that house ammo for sale haven't exploded. Those of us that go shooting and hunting usually have a few loose rifle or shotgun shells sitting in hot vehicles with no problem.

Something that the original proposed rule ignored is the weather extremes that ammunition is tested in. (Anyone with the History Channel could see since it has appeared on Modern Marvels a couple of times. But when dealing with liberals logic has nothing to do with what they want.)

Thankfully this was averted, but the commies and pansies won't rest until they steal our God given right of self-preservation.

So, I like this flag

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The Ultimate Rebel Flag just came in

This has always been one of my favorite American Flags (besides Old Glory of course). To me this is the ultimate statement of who we are as Americans. A rattlesnake all coiled up is in a defensive posture, rather be left alone, but won't back down from an unwarranted attack either. Honestly, the old adage that the snake is more afraid of you than you of it is really laughable, something that people use to try and convince themselves there is no danger (congress, media, liberals). It is disturbing to me that their is a monster that wants to mess with us rather than leave us alone and the liberals are acting more like ostriches than willing to defend who we are as Americans.

The Gadsden Flag History comes from Col. Christopher Gadsden that was involved with the South Carolina Sons of Liberty about 1765. He decided that the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy needed his own standard, which the Gadsden Flag became.

I just wish those with a weak stomach for facing our enemies would just look back at our history, ignore partisan politics and start acting like American. Our Founders would be sick at the way Congress is acting

If government can't keep animals from voting...then why should we trust them with our information

Fox News is reporting that a woman that had registered her mutt on the voter rolls as a protest three years ago finally had the mutt removed from the rolls.

If our enemy is willing to do this, how can we be so willing to run away like little school girls.

Michael Yon, an embedded journalist in Iraq, is reporting that a new recruiting technique that the monsters are using involves wining and dining "potential recruits." Which isn't anything new, but when the main course is a 11 year old son of the potential recruit the oaths that the free world swore about the barbarity that the national socialist brought to bear upon the world has got to come to the fore front of the free world. Either we stand and fight this evil or we will suffer under it.

The real disturbing thing about this is the media whined and is still whining about what happened to some monsters that we captured but there is mention beyond what Michael has posted.

Iraq may be a mess, but the darkest moment for this country was when we left South Viet Nam to the commies and millions were slaughtered, not only in Iraq, but in Laos and Cambodia. The marxists in this country still brag about how they got us to leave Viet Nam, but ignore what occurred to those left behind.

For those that think Iraq isn't standing up fast enough, how much would you stick out your neck if your protector wasn't sure it had the guts to stick it out. And another thing, they have had a couple of elections that had higher turnout rates than what we see here, where no one gets killed for voting. There are thousands that have volunteered for the police and military.

I've said we have made serious mistakes in Iraq, but to continue to whine about it when our guys are actually making progress, when there is so much on the line is worse than short could be giving aid to the monsters.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Letting government steal your citizenship

There have been awful reports of a the Police in Great Britain getting their butts handed to them by criminals, but a good guy goes out with a samerai sword to drive off the criminals and the police are wanting to arrest their savior. Or one gentlemen being arrested for fighting off shoplifters, while the criminals got off with just a fine.

The decline in the British culture began with this.

With the intensified efforts to reinstate the AWB and the 'fairness doct

I've always been a history buff. In fact I used to bore my dad to tears when mom and I could convince him to go to a mu seam (which was always puzzling since he was a pastor but that's another story). Any way I've always wanted the Gadsen Flag . I was going to act like a liberal and ask someone else...

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"Tis folly in one Nation to
look for disinterested favors
from another; that it must pay
with a portion of its Independence
for whatever it may accept under that
character; that by such acceptance, it may
place itself in the condition of having given
equivalents for nominal favours and yet of being reproached with

ingratitude for not giving more. There can be no greater error than

to expect, or calculate upon real favours from Nation to Nation.

'Tis an illusion which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard."

-- George Washington (Farewell Address, 19 September 1796) Reference: Washington's Maxims, 71.

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Since Congress acts like it hates Americans

I've always been a history buff. In fact I used to bore my dad to tears when mom and I could convince him to go to a museum (which was always puzzling since he was a pastor but that's another story). Any way I've always wanted the Gadsen Flag .

I was going to act like a liberal and ask someone else to get it for me until I found one for around ten bucks so I ordered one.

After Senator trent lott decided to call for legislation controlling talk radio thus violating the 1st Amendment joining the chorus of the junior Senator from New York along with those that are willing to violate the 2nd Amendment and a few other of our rights I posted a heartfelt message to Congress last month which was simply stated like this:.As I was ordering my Gadsen flag I started thinking about as a protest ordering 535 flags for Congress. I'm not much for activism beyond writing letters and the three problems I can see with this thought is the Senator and the Congressman will never see it, the staffers probably have no clue about the Gadsen Flag, and the third problem is the point could be misconstrued in such a way that they might think I'm calling for something that have no intention of ever advocating.

So, anyone with 2 cents?

Albert Gore III

While I hope Al Gore, III gets a severe sentence (because I despise alckies and druggies more than commies) and while I'm shocked that you can get a sissy Prius up to 100 mph I have to agree that it is a private family matter.

There are plenty of good families where a child rebels against what is right no matter how well they were raised (including Reverend Franklin Graham). Being a former PK I know how tough it is to be in a glass fish bowl. (There were people in one church that called dad to complain about a coat that my beloved sister had purchased with her own money that was cheaper than a new Polar Carhart).

There are so many things to hold against Jr. but the third's drug use isn't one of them.