Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dog fighting, bull fighting, and child abuse.

I'll admit it I don't care one way or another if Michael Vick was involved with dog fighting. First off of all the animals I have the least use for is any canine falls on the top of the list. I hunt coyotes and the thing that convinced me to carry 100% 0f the time was a dog attack not criminals.

Since I'm a hick and worked my share of beeves and I've watch a few bull fights. None that were staged, well at least by humans. Does this make me a bad person?

More than both of these when Fox had "When Animal Attacks" on no one complained about the exploitation of animals. No one complains about the voyeurism of animals fighting on Animal Planet, which I've only watch one show on the Animal Planet about the messager pigeons they used during WWI.

About the same time the indictment, there was a story about a couple that starved their kids because 'they were to busy playing video games.' While it was reported there is no where near the indignation that is aimed at Michael Vick aimed at these losers. It bothers me that people are more worried about animals than a couple of innocent children.

Another of reason I don't care is the 'moral superiority' of a lot of people that are decrying the alleged dog fighting (something that has yet to be proven in a court of law See Duke rape case). These same reporters are ignoring various types of assault on humans. They are acting like, well, over sanctimonious Christians. As if they are with out any sin or crime.

There are enough things that I'm morally indignant about, I just don't have the emotional reserve to decry alleged dog fighting. Especially, when I see anti-hunting and anti-ranching groups use this to show their 'piety' when calling for Michael Vick to be killed. These groups unfortunately are getting a ton of milage out of this story.

If he did this fine, put him in jail...but if some pedophile has to give up his bed so Michael Vick can rot in prison society is worse off. And another thing, if the NFL is unwilling to suspend wife beaters or drug abusers there is no reason Michael Vick should loose his job. Anyone else that would be accused of a crime wouldn't loose their job, to expect him to loose it without a conviction is totally un-American. While no one should be involved with this, what is wrong with this country when we are more worried about mutts than children? I'll save my outrage for abused kids and when criminals don't receive justice personally.

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