Thursday, July 12, 2007

If our enemy is willing to do this, how can we be so willing to run away like little school girls.

Michael Yon, an embedded journalist in Iraq, is reporting that a new recruiting technique that the monsters are using involves wining and dining "potential recruits." Which isn't anything new, but when the main course is a 11 year old son of the potential recruit the oaths that the free world swore about the barbarity that the national socialist brought to bear upon the world has got to come to the fore front of the free world. Either we stand and fight this evil or we will suffer under it.

The real disturbing thing about this is the media whined and is still whining about what happened to some monsters that we captured but there is mention beyond what Michael has posted.

Iraq may be a mess, but the darkest moment for this country was when we left South Viet Nam to the commies and millions were slaughtered, not only in Iraq, but in Laos and Cambodia. The marxists in this country still brag about how they got us to leave Viet Nam, but ignore what occurred to those left behind.

For those that think Iraq isn't standing up fast enough, how much would you stick out your neck if your protector wasn't sure it had the guts to stick it out. And another thing, they have had a couple of elections that had higher turnout rates than what we see here, where no one gets killed for voting. There are thousands that have volunteered for the police and military.

I've said we have made serious mistakes in Iraq, but to continue to whine about it when our guys are actually making progress, when there is so much on the line is worse than short could be giving aid to the monsters.

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