Tuesday, July 17, 2007


OSHA has rescinded their decision to functionally eliminate ammunition sales.

There was a proposed rule that would have made it impossible for gun store, gas stations, sporting goods stores to store and sell ammunition, even though there the thousands of stores that house ammo for sale haven't exploded. Those of us that go shooting and hunting usually have a few loose rifle or shotgun shells sitting in hot vehicles with no problem.

Something that the original proposed rule ignored is the weather extremes that ammunition is tested in. (Anyone with the History Channel could see since it has appeared on Modern Marvels a couple of times. But when dealing with liberals logic has nothing to do with what they want.)

Thankfully this was averted, but the commies and pansies won't rest until they steal our God given right of self-preservation.

So, I like this flag

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Ron Simpson said...

You beat me to this one! I willb e writing my opinion tomorrow. I am too tired after doing house/yard/work work.