Friday, July 06, 2007

Since Congress acts like it hates Americans

I've always been a history buff. In fact I used to bore my dad to tears when mom and I could convince him to go to a museum (which was always puzzling since he was a pastor but that's another story). Any way I've always wanted the Gadsen Flag .

I was going to act like a liberal and ask someone else to get it for me until I found one for around ten bucks so I ordered one.

After Senator trent lott decided to call for legislation controlling talk radio thus violating the 1st Amendment joining the chorus of the junior Senator from New York along with those that are willing to violate the 2nd Amendment and a few other of our rights I posted a heartfelt message to Congress last month which was simply stated like this:.As I was ordering my Gadsen flag I started thinking about as a protest ordering 535 flags for Congress. I'm not much for activism beyond writing letters and the three problems I can see with this thought is the Senator and the Congressman will never see it, the staffers probably have no clue about the Gadsen Flag, and the third problem is the point could be misconstrued in such a way that they might think I'm calling for something that have no intention of ever advocating.

So, anyone with 2 cents?


Ms.Green said...

I wouldn't mind having one of those flags myself. Got a website for them?


Ms.Green said...