Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Ultimate Rebel Flag just came in

This has always been one of my favorite American Flags (besides Old Glory of course). To me this is the ultimate statement of who we are as Americans. A rattlesnake all coiled up is in a defensive posture, rather be left alone, but won't back down from an unwarranted attack either. Honestly, the old adage that the snake is more afraid of you than you of it is really laughable, something that people use to try and convince themselves there is no danger (congress, media, liberals). It is disturbing to me that their is a monster that wants to mess with us rather than leave us alone and the liberals are acting more like ostriches than willing to defend who we are as Americans.

The Gadsden Flag History comes from Col. Christopher Gadsden that was involved with the South Carolina Sons of Liberty about 1765. He decided that the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy needed his own standard, which the Gadsden Flag became.

I just wish those with a weak stomach for facing our enemies would just look back at our history, ignore partisan politics and start acting like American. Our Founders would be sick at the way Congress is acting

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