Saturday, August 18, 2007

Being an Invisible American

Mrs. Bill Clinton has put out a video on You tube about how horrible it is the government not seeing people.

Forgive me for thinking but wasn't she complaining about the NSA phone captures being an invasion of the American people. Now, if President Bush was "spying" on American citizen (which I realize that isn't what the program is.) how could he be ignoring the American people?

It concerns me that she doesn't want the American people to be 'invisible' or ignored because of the clinton administration use of Echelon, which makes the phone captures look like reading someone's postcard, and the clintons having illegal access to American citizens FBI files.

I guess the only things that George Orwell got wrong in 1984 were the year and that it really should be known as Big Sister

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Ron Simpson said...

The comment about our soldiers being invisible to the president really pisses me off. she made the marines on her guard detail dress as civilians because she did not want to see them in uniform