Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Car Chases and Media coverage

I have to admit I do get a perverse thrill in watching car chases. I guess it comes from a dusty criminal justice degree that has had little or no use or possibly because it means another bad guy is going to prison.

While I have sympathy for the families that lost reporters and pilots in that chopper crash in Arizona this past week, it isn't the criminal's fault that the pilots lost situational awareness. I know it's is weird coming from someone that thinks the more criminals executed the better, but to hold this thug responsible for reporters, that are no different than if they were any other citizen interjecting themselves into a story. Reporters DO NOT have a special status that gives them a cape and blue tights to see all news. I would say the same thing if civilians were to "deputize themselves" or cheer the criminal on.

Most if not all car chases have no real public interest beyond our current voyeuristic tendencies. The only way that a car chase would have any real public interest is if ted kennedy, castro, and lindsey lohan would have have a bender on land owned by harry reid or nancy pelosi while running over illegal aliens trying to get health care after working at a job that Americans won't do.

There is nothing saying that there has to be media coverage of car chases. IF we are to prevent this there should be allowed only one media helicopter, and they all get the feed (granted there would have to be some rental fee for the feed.) While this was a tragedy that shouldn't have happened to blame a criminal that didn't ask the media to follow him is pure idiocy.

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