Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Come on America we cando better than this

Reuters is reporting that the US has 90 firearms for every 100 people. The thing is WE can do better than this. The restrictive nature of New York and Illinois brings us down. While I don't want crazy people or criminals (part of what torques me off about LES LEMM not having the felony he so richly deserves means he has his US citizenship intact meaning he can carry, but I guess he's really efficient at using a car to murder so he probably doesn't) having firearms we law abiding citizens should exercise our rights more readily.

The article talks about the uneven distribution of firearms world wide. The article is right because the right to self-defense is denied to too many people throughout the world making them susceptible to tyrants and criminals. The real problem is the uneven distribution of freedom through out the world. But you get that with marxism and muslim nations. The only way to combat suppression of the masses is to allow them to have freedom, and the way to insure that freedom is to keep the wolf at bay. It's a shame nations like England would treat their people as subjects rather than citizens. But that's what you get with a monarchy or a totalitarian state.

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