Friday, August 31, 2007

The News media should have a 10 day waiting period.

One one of the self-defense boards I visit a discussion about waiting periods came up briefly. Since the MSM hates self-reliance it devolved into this by a poster:

When are newspaper editors going to have to wait for 10 days
before they can print their editorials? Maybe some civil servants could check
their backgrounds and give them time to "cool off" about something they wish to
write. Isn't the pen mightier than the sword????

Ron Simpson has posted a pair of pieces on hypocrisy that are well worth the read.

The last six days of that Senator from Idaho's being accused of something that there is no real evidence that has been put forth, while disgusting apparently not against Senate rules. BUT he has to go?!

So what about the Senator that has along history of getting blitzed and even murdered a woman? Nothing happened to him, what about the other kennedy that was driving drunk at the capitol? He's still there. Why is it only Republicans are forced to leave? While I don't know if he should go or care, the kennedy clans exploits are farther reaching, besides I thought everyone lied about sex and we were supposed to just leave their personal life their personal life? I'm not saying that Senator Craig wasn't wrong, but consistency dictates that ALL those that defame Congress go, including those with $90,000 cooling off in a freezer during Katrina or assault a police officer or running a prostitution ring in your basement.

While I realize the liberals hate us as a whole, the lack of consistency bugs me as much as it does with Christians (not that I'm totally living up to my convictions but I'm not condemning anyone either).

Those that either want to control people or are afraid of an inanimate object try to tell those of us that want to keep the constitutional AND God-given right to self-preservation intact tell us that we must accept reasonable restrictions on that right. BUT the second we ask that reasonable limits on abortion, such as partial-birth (the kid is almost out of the mother so it should be murder, but I guess that's what you get with public education) or a minor needing parental approval, or a 24 hr waiting period (california has a 10 day waiting period for firearm, a right that is actually recognized by the Founders vs a "right" that Hippocrates vowed never to perform that there is no waiting period. I can't be the only one that sees the inconsistency in this.) There are about 10 bills in the hoppers in congress trying to ban firearms or ammo that do nothing but steal our American heritage.

Abortion isn't the only inconsistency the media daily tries to tell us how evil an inanimate object is, but defend criminals that enter illegally into this country and then commit identity theft and some how it's not evil for this person to break our laws and steal from a law abiding citizen their identity. Causing the victim untold suffering, all because they think that they are above the law. A couple of months ago there was a story about a Bismarck man that couldn't accept a firearm that he had won because his identity was stolen and the their ruined his good name.

After media outlets deciding to run the manifesto of the Virgina Tech monster I opined maybe we need to discuss what kind of limits we need to put on media outlets. IF I as a law abiding citizen have to accept a waiting period to purchase a tool guaranteed by the Second Amendment, shouldn't the media have to have a 10 day waiting period and approval period to harm literally thousands of people or put our troops at risk? I know it's too logical for liberals but the daily kos guys stay away from here anyway and I'm just a voice howling in the wilderness.

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