Sunday, August 05, 2007

Relying on government too much

The Bismarck Tribune has an article where parents are calling the police when their kids aren't doing the typical things kids do, such as making their beds.

Somehow, even in a state where personal responsibility is celebrated the idea has been deluded to the point where adults are abdicating the duty they have in their own home to the government. Not only is it disturbing that a parent would rather trust the government, something that the Founders of this Nation would be appalled and dismayed at, than be the "bad guy" and parent the kid.

I know that there are good parents that have teens that choose to be criminals, I'm not saying that these parents shouldn't call the police on this type of the punks...

Unfortunately, the idea of government can take care of all problems didn't start here, it was when we as a nation decided that we are going to give hand outs, bailout, prescription drug benefits, Social Security (which was never set up to pay out was just another way for the government to get money), hoping the police arrive before the bad guy kills you, and the war on poverty that we have no exist strategy is a complete failure.

Part of the problem of trusting the government is it is way to big to respond quickly (See Katrina and when government did respond it stole the citizenry's right to self-preservation). There is a huge waste of money when it comes to government. Something that is being ignored in Minneapolis, if the bridge was that bad, why are they building a new Minnesota Twins Park? Also, by submitting your personal duties to the government you are sacrificing your God-given free-will to an organization that declares God doesn't belong in the public arena (unless it's allah, but that's another post). Then there is the inefficient use of resources, what we pay for public education and what we get in return is disgusting, there is no reason that we don't have a 90% literacy rate. Then the idea of just waiting 20 minute for the police when you can bleed out in 30 seconds. Even the Supreme Court has decreed that the police don't have to respond to a call.

Letting the government take care of all the needs the Nations had destroyed their hope (well that and the Carlisle Indian School). To this day we are still seeing the consequences of that from those that couldn't adapt. Welfare in any form has the ability to destroy pride, hope, self-respect, and the desire to improve one's life.

While helping one another out collectively is desirable, doing it corporately is a massive failure. When we find out someone is sick we have a spaghetti dinner. There is the Farm Rescue program that is incredibly efficient, probably because it is farmers helping each other and the government is no where to be found.

The bottom line is we need to return to our self-relient nature we have as Americans, it's what makes us great...the dependence nature only destroys.

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Ron Simpson said...

It is that stupid idea of "it takes a village" Shillary Clinton keeps bleating about. It does not take a village, it takes parents not being hampered by government to raise a good kid.