Thursday, August 23, 2007

Texas has just executed it's 400th monster

The AP is reporting that Texas has executed it 400th monster. Good riddens. This thug shot two people committing an armed robbery. While it's nice to see criminals apologize for their misdeeds, calling an execution THAT IS THEIR FAULT a miscarriage of justice is a slap in the face of freedom loving people. Honestly, this alone points to his lack of acceptance of his responsibility of his murderous acts. If he were truly sorry he wouldn't whine about this and would have accepted it like a man.

I just love the Europeans trying to tell us how to run things when they don't have a backbone against the aggression they see performed in their own nations. But I guess that's what happens when we have to go bail out a continent twice in fifty years.

With this thug dead the families don't have to deal with the thought that he will see another birthday while their loved one won't. He will never escape from prison. And he will never again harm anyone. I pray that the victims' families of this thug find peace with his long over due death.

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