Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things I want animal rights activists to explain to me

As I made a pop run tonight I was listening to some peta type calling hunting monsterous. There are somethings that should be asked everytime this is espoused.

1. Does this person eat meat? If so why are they willing to hire their killing out.
2. If they think we should only eat plants don't plants have life also? So by their definition eating brussels sprouts would be murder.
3. Explain to us why humans shouldn't eat meat since our bodies are capable of consuming meat
4. If the peta-types believes in evolution, if so why they don't stop lions from hunting weaker animals.
5. If they claim man is removed from nature because man is capable of producing things that aren't natural, they need to explain why they don't stop beavers from building dams and stop birds from using so-called synthetic items in nest building.
6. What we should do with the global warming causing moose?
7. See how they react to someone espousing their own philosophy. If the response is 'don't push your morality on me' they need to asked why we should bend to their will.
8. Since animals spread their territory, why shouldn't man be allowed to do the same since man evolved from a monkey, thus is a part of nature.
9. Those that want to stop hunting, are they alright with animals starving to death or being unnecessarily diseased.
10. Since man is part of nature and if the peta type refuses to stop a lion from attacking prey, why do they believe man doesn't have the right to hunt, expand our territory, and defend ourselves.


Jeff said...

There are different animal rights philosophies, and they would answer your questions in different ways. This is a good primer:


Well, Jeff, I understand that. I'm all for not abusing animals (thus hunters practice the one shot one kill principle). The point I'm trying to make is if it is brutal for humans to hunt for food it is also brutal for mountain lions ect. I expect people to be consistent whether or not they agree with me.

Dave said...

"The point I'm trying to make is if it is brutal for humans to hunt for food it is also brutal for mountain lions ect."

It is. However, if you're smarter than a mountain lion, you'll be able to use your reasoning power to choose a diet that results in less "brutality." Mountain lions lack that capacity. So, apparently, do some bloggers.


I agree dave, it's a shame that some people don't have the ability to go point by point when they think someone is wrong. They just hurl insults...but I guess that's what my tax dollars pay for.