Sunday, September 30, 2007

Now this is a sheepdog.

Twana has a story about an Iraqi boy running for safety during a firefight.

Did he run for a rock? a Building? No, something better, a paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne

Saturday, September 29, 2007

You know your a gun nut when...

A buddy and I went down to Barnes and Nobles to read, talk Theology, philosophy, and politics. One of the magazines I went throughout was a a SWAT mag. I came across an ad for a .50 BMG rifle and began to drool.

When I showed the ad to my buddy he asked if I was drooling over the woman or the rifle.
I NEVER EVEN SAW THE WOMAN until I looked at the ad again after John asked about my heart palpitations.

Gene Autry at one hundred

The Cowboy Conservative has a post celebrating the life and times of Gene Autry on the 100th anniversry of his birth.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

You know government hates competition when it spies on other states.

While tobacco is every one's favorite 'whipping boy' because it's the ultimate evil. It makes it alright for government to tell people how to conduct their business on private property (Never mind according to Roe v Wade we have the right to privacy and choice, backed up by the Equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, but that's another post). And in my continuing effort for full-disclosure I enjoy maybe three cigars a year.

Now Tennessee has instituted a law if people buy more than two cartons of cigs out of the state they can seize their car and send them to the penn for a few months. The thing that COULD violate the Interstate Commerce clause of the US Constitution is Tennessee has revenuers spying on OTHER STATES stores, meaning they have to violate the jurisdiction of another state so they can either get more tax money or ruin some blue collar guys life because he's trying to save money.

The new Tennessee's tobacco tax increase from $.20 to $.62 is nothing more than a punitive tax on a legal item because tobacco is the ultimate evil today and the average citizen doesn't care. (I guess US history isn't taught in Tennessee, our Founders threw tea off a boat because of a smaller tax than this.) The thing is government never stops at taxing just one thing. Since money is power, those in government cravenly do everything they can to grasp all the money they can get.

Of course I maybe looking at this all wrong. IF Tennessee has so little violent crime and no drug problems they MUST have the greatest state in the nation to be able to allocate so many resources to stop 'bootleg' cigarettes from coming into the state.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When you attack a college kid Don't Whine about how people treat you.

I finally found the article that Jenni Carlson wrote about the OSU QB. Being a Nebraska Cornhusker fan I'm not really all that familiar with the OSU team and I don't know much about this kid. That being said she essentially called him a wuss because his mom brought him chicken and a lot of conjuncture about how the coaching staff "lost faith" in the QB. She had basically made it so Mike Gundy had no choice to call this hack reporter out.

After watching the scolding he gave this writer, I don't think it was a tirade, he knew exactly what he was saying, the tone was appropriate for the lack of journalistic integrity that came from heresy. HE HAD TO SCOLD her like that or she wouldn't have gotten it through her Napoleon Complex.

As this has unfolded, I've watched espn rush to the defense of this hack, they say the coach was right in what he said but shouldn't have been "harsh." Even watching interviews that Jenni Carlson has given since, she is whining about how she was treated, thus acting like a sissy. I know it's a hard concept for liberals but it is a simple rule, "If you attack someone without warrant, and someone stands up to you...don't cry like a little school girl." If she's going to cover football she needs to toughen up or shut up.

Friday, September 21, 2007

How Do Gun Bans Affect Non-Gun Owners?

Transworldnews has an intereting article about how gun bans hurt non-gunowners:

The defective premise of gun control spreads to other issues affecting non-gun owners now.
LOS ANGELES 9/19/2007 3:48 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)
Gun bans wrongly and wrongfully affect non-gun owners because bans disarm only the law-abiding. Nothing new, until you see how this spreads. As usual, criminal laws do not interfere with crime until after-the-fact; gun control interferes with only the honest and before-the-fact, and then again after-the-fact, often within a system which victimizes constituents twice. Lifting gun bans can enhance crime control and lift government burdens. For some officials, carrying burdens is desirable, but it is an abuse of the law against the interests of the United States.
Understand that citizens play a role in crime control -- you might say that it is a burden that is ours to carry - and gun bans unreasonably and illegally freeze the citizen out of the process entirely. Police are utterly a reactive force. Reliance on a reactive force to the exclusion of the citizenry is a trap. Assumptions have been that only police can control crime, or that it is their job to protect individuals who summon them. Both are false, and let’s get real on this right now. Advice such as "Don’t do anything until we get there," – "Be a Good Witness." — "Give them what they want," – "It’s the Police’s job," have all proven to contribute to individual tragedy and to crime overall, and to do nothing to stem it. Nothing.
The fact is that Police have no duty to protect individuals. Not since the inception of an organized police force in the middle 1800's, and not today. It has been merely an assumption, and perhaps very important for the head of a household to know.
The answer is, of course, not to react to violence as any single political answer, but to meet it instance-by-instance, and regular beat officers know very well that the target is the first line of defense. This burden is ours, and nothing will ever change it. It is wrong to interfere with it merely for political reasons.
Police, attorneys, judges, gun owners and others also know that citizens are possessed of all legal authority to stop a crime in progress, especially their own rape, robbery or even murder. We can even come to the defense of another. All gun regulation seeks to attack this citizen authority.
Right-to-carry states [where citizens carry their guns] comprise a super-majority not only on these principles, but on an entire philosophy that an armed citizenry doesn’t contribute to violence, an armed citizenry de-escalates it. Isn’t this how crime should be fought — with no one getting hurt?
The FBI agrees. As a central destination for crime reports handed in by law enforcement around the nation, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report gives national figures of shooting deaths of about 29,500 each year; the Bureau furnishes its companion figure of citizens who use their gun to de-escalate a crime in progress to be more than 2.5 million times a year. Understand that Police and gun owners are not foes, but allies.
For the nearly 30,000 who die unarmed, there are 2.5 million who don’t die in a crime because they have not only superior force, but full authority to act, and they use both. 2.5 million times a year.
Here is how gun laws affect the non gun owner. Bans are an exquisite example of how constituents fear their city managers more than they do criminals. managers then come to know this and the principle spreads.
From disaster preparedness and disaster recovery, education content and violent crime — constituents are increasingly frozen out of the process of shaping tragedy and disaster of what could be a societal plane crash into a much more preferable controlled descent. Citizens are the supreme authority in this country; why freeze them out of a healing/recovery process? Consulting officials in cases such as the Virginia Tech Shooting and refusing to give greater weight to parents and students is ludicrous when the intended target and the supreme authority there [students] are one and the same.
Gun bans are no different. Gun control fails because it obscures and punishes the authority to act when facing grave danger. This principle of hiding your authority spreads to other political issues. It’s that simple -- many of which are based on a fraud of fighting crime and hate.
In the months ahead, constituents need to remember that the Second Amendment is not about guns – it is about abuses of the law. The founders didn’t care about weapons of the future – but they did anticipate recurrences of what they had just defeated: abuses of due process for political gain – a looting of the nation by keeping crisis going, to put it in modern terms.
How does a gun law affect me, if I don’t even own a gun? It works to dissolve the legal force which backs your citizen authority against boondoggles, such as those claiming violence or hate. Fraudulant programs then grow, in pre-emptively ascribing hate and violence to all, and that includes you. When crime or hate is used as a reason to take the force - and the choice - out of the hands of you, the non-criminal, the non-hater, because they cannot disarm the criminals, when it is used to criminalize the honest, then you have an abuse of the law.
Abuse of the law was the very reason the Founders wrote that the citizens be the supreme authority, and not only vigilant, but armed to back that authority. In any era.
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You never know who may be hearing the liberty message for the very first time.

Discussions that you hope that they have in White House

When someone is on probation of felony how in the world does he get probation for a felony weapon's charge?

Now I'll admit I have a plan for people to be armed on flights, but if something is a felony how does Snoop Dogg get off with probation? Just because he's famous the califorina judicial service cuts a huge break. While he does some good things for the community that shouldn't get him out of what the average person would have gotten.

Can we just sell california back to Mexico for oil?

Big Brother only solves 20% of the crime in Great Britan

Last month I blogged about security cameras not being end all of security. Then the This is London website comes up with a story about the all seeing eye not causing a clearance rate above 20% of crime. After I read this was compelled to ask why is it so hard for people to abide by the Good Samaritan principle or be a good witness. Fox News reported on a clerk getting shot today. The video showed about six men standing around outside and DIDN"T offer aid. While I can understand not going after a criminal if your not armed, but to not offer first aid?! The criminal was in and out of the frame so quick if they are able to identify the crook it from the video it will be a miracle.

The reason this is important is it just reinforces the argument for the need of personal responsibility...the need to be a John Doe when faced by monsters that would harm your neighbors. I'm not talking about turning into the Punisher but someone that calls in criminal activity or some guy that starts saying 'allah ackbar' in the middle of the mall or a plane.

As I've stated before the government can only do so much, but to acquiesce freedom of choice for any reason, including free health care is a slap in the face of every man and woman that have picked up a rifle in defense of this country. And to trust an inanimate object to protect you is sheer idiocy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hunting saves lives has an article about how hunting preserves nature. For those of you that have never walked up a butte to take a buck right after sunrise it is well worth the read.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

When Appostle Paul wrote about the Bible being the Sword of truth I don't think he meant this

In off-topic section of one of the self-defense boards I visit this gem turned up. Four old ladies beating an horrible driver with a Bible. Be sure to turn up the volume

From the files I'm going to out live you all

Reuters is reporting those that eat at healthy restaurants eat more calories than those that eat at fast food restaurants.

Taco Bell here I can enjoy your tofu fat if you want.

Another question about socialized medicine

After I was watching John Stossel's socialized medicine bit I began to ponder this:

ALL those that are saying we can't win in Iraq are the same people that think government can do medicine better than the private sector.

If a third of the public school students in Washington DC can't read with all the money we dump into education why do they expect our healthcare be any better with government controlling it?

And why is it with a superior healthcare system (*snicker) in Canada one of their liberals comes to California to be treated?

Friday, September 14, 2007

"Among the many misdeeds of the British
rule in India,history will look upon
the Act depriving a whole
nation of arms as the blackest.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Proof that Eastern Liberals hate us hicks had an interview with Senator biden. Along with the standard I hate President Bush garbage there was in interesting bit that shows that Senator biden knows less than the turnip that fell off the truck, if the 'clean African-American' comment wasn't enough he blames coal and corn syrup for thousands of more deaths than terrorism.

Rose: Sen. Biden, forgetting about the upcoming Iowa caucus for just a moment,
which would you honestly say is more likely to contribute to the death of your
average American: a terrorist strike or high-fructose corn syrup and air that
has too much coal in it?
Biden: Air that has too much coal in it. Corn syrup
next, and then a terrorist attack. But that does not in any way diminish the
fact that a terrorist attack is real. It's not an existential threat to bring
down the country, but does have the capacity still it can kill thousands of
people. But hundreds of thousands of people die and their lives are shortened
because of coal plants, coal-fired plants, and because of corn syrup.

He obviously doesn't understand that coal is necessary for our energy needs, especially if we were to make the move to hydrogen powered vehicles. Let alone that coal gasification is clean burning. Most of the coal that we are using is clean burning. Then to attack corn syrup while trying to campaign in Iowa...guess those Easterners can't tell a democratic symbol from a hole in the ground.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If no one saw this coming...

Foxnews is reporting this morning that former kgb agent vladimer putin dissolved the Russian Government three months before new elections.

Honestly, any reporter, politician, or pundit that didn't see this coming really needs their head examined.

Monday, September 10, 2007

That day

Jedi Master Rob has a listing of all the Americans that were slaughtered by the monsters on 9/11

Friday, September 07, 2007

Dakotaranger's Review of the 2007 "3:10 to Yuma."

One of my Top Ten movies of all time is the 1957 version of 3:10 To Yuma . While it similar to High Noon if 3:10 Came out before High Noon I believe no one would know about High Noon. With High Noon you have a soon to be former marshal that is marrying a pacifist begging for help. 3:10 is more about the interaction between Ben Wade and Dan. It is more psychological dealing with the stress that Dan goes through before he gets the bad guy to the train including offers of bribery. Without giving to much away the original is about doing the right thing and not letting evil triumph.

After I saw the first few minutes of the preview in movie theaters, starting seeing hints of what the movie was going to be I got excited that Hollywood when I figured out that they remade my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE western of all time. Although being fully cognisant of the damage Hollywood does when they make classic I was skeptical of what we would get.

The 2007 3:10 to Yuma is one of the few remakes that is well done. The movie was full of action, where the original didn't have a lot until the last ten minutes. The new version did an awesome job of working in almost all the great dialogue of the original. The ending of this movie was totally unexpected and was the only way this version could end and be intellectually honest with itself. Unfortunately I can't share why I liked the ending due to I would ruin the film for those that would see this.

There are a couple of things that did bug me. There was one point where some Pinkerton Detectives had Ben Wade hooked up to electrodes. I get the left is horrified by Abu Grahib, the soldiers were punished that did it. And I'll agree torture done for fun or just sheer punishment shouldn't happen. Yada, yada, yada. The reason I know this is the case is because Peter Fonda said so. To the left let it go, the monsters would do worse and have done worse to us.

Then there is blame big business (railroad) for everyone's problems. While there were unethical business dealings big business isn't to blame for everything. While the issue they were dealing with was emanate domain (a valid concern) blaming a "corrupt business" or blaming your up bringing doesn't release the criminal from taking responsibility for their crime.

In spite of these standard liberal beliefs it still made me want to saddle up and head for the hills after Jesse James.

"It will be of little avail to the people,
that the laws are made by men of
their own choice, if the laws be so
voluminous that they cannot be read,
or so incoherent that they cannot be
understood; if they be repealed or
revised before they are promulgated,
or undergo such incessant changes that
no man, who knows what the law is to-day,
can guess what it will be

-- Alexander Hamilton and James Madison (Federalist No. 62, 1788)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

China hacks DOD computers is reporting that the Chicoms hacked our Defense Department computers.

So if I can get this straight, China is smuggling arms to jihadists, a Chinese missile that can take out our satellites, China firing a laser at our satellites, holds a great deal of our debt, and hacked our DOD computers.

We have a huge national security problem.

My Gripe on Christians that think everyone wants to be married

I know my buddy Jeff did this a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday morning at our churches men's bible study the subject came up...I knew I should have just gone home straight from work. I even got the obligatory story about the friends that swear that they are going to be bachelors to the rapture and got married.

I don't get why it is so hard for some people to get that there are people that want to have nothing to do with marriage. I've had enough bad experiences with women to last a life time. I dated one gal one time that told me that she thought she could do better. Three years later she was telling everyone that after I got home from college we would be dating. If I wasn't good enough in high school....I'm not going to be treated like dirt a second time.

I once dated a gal for about a half-hour, but she dumped me when she found out a buddy that she really wanted to date was available (this woman wasn't a beauty queen and had no chance...we really need to quit telling little girls fairy tales because even the UGLIEST women [I mean a little worse than me in drag] think they deserve a Greek god).

I've had women lead me on so much I've had to check to see if I had a ring in my nose.

The last woman that was interested in me did everything from lie, manipulate, and undermine a potential relationship that could have been a good thing for me.

Even with in the last month I had a female friend stand me up twice. Once where we had plans to go across the state. We had planned it a month in advance, but last minute she 'couldn't go.' The second time she called because she basically told me to take her out for her birthday. Two days later I called to find out what in the world was going on, she asked for a rain check...I was at least smart enough to tell her that I had already diverted the funds, you never can have to much ammo.

I'm not even going to include the 10 different women that have hit my beloved Elly May because they weren't paying attention.

Christians really drive me nuts. Apostle Paul wrote about it being better to be single than married. I don't get the obsession with finding a soul mate.... THEY DO NOT EXIST. It is a myth perpetrated by Sunday School and the Greeting Card Industry. In all honesty I've only met ONE couple out of my hundreds of friends I know for a fact God made them for each other. I've stated before the reasons I don't want anything to do with marriage to people, but I don't want to use it cuts into my gun budget to much just because I don't want to freak them out to much, although maybe it will get other Christians to leave me alone on this...hmmm I may have to rethink that.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


White Cloud's Calf could be an a White Buffalo

The Bismarck Tribune is reporting that White Cloud's calf could be a white buffalo also.

White Cloud has been a fixture of the bison herd in Jamestown, ND for the past 11 yrs.

To most of the Nations a white buffalo is sacred, meaning a new beginning, prosperity, peace, and hope.

"Work as if you were to live 100 Years, Pray as if you were to die To-morrow."

-- Benjamin Franklin (Poor Richard's Almanack, 1757)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dakotaranger's Presidental Endorsement

I've decided that the only Presidential Candidate I can fully support is

Senator Thompson.

He is strong on the Federalist view of the Constitution and the only candidate that won't tell us that we have to ask permission to carry a tool.

I even went as far as to place a "Fred '08" on Elly May.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Legends of the Lost," Dakotaranger's review.

This evening I purchase a triple pack movie set from Wal-mart that included two of my Favorite movies that the Duke ever did Red River and The Horse Soldiers. The third was Legend of the Lost, a film I had never heard of before Saturday night.

Legend of the Lost has some very interesting points about what happens when you put faith in the wrong things and how they can cloud your judgement. It isn't like any other movie the Duke ever did, and it has a different feel from any film I've ever seen. It is hard to quantify what this film brings other than the discussion of the difference in between faith in God and Faith in anything else.

For 15 bucks with the other two movies it is more than worth the money and time.