Friday, September 21, 2007

Big Brother only solves 20% of the crime in Great Britan

Last month I blogged about security cameras not being end all of security. Then the This is London website comes up with a story about the all seeing eye not causing a clearance rate above 20% of crime. After I read this was compelled to ask why is it so hard for people to abide by the Good Samaritan principle or be a good witness. Fox News reported on a clerk getting shot today. The video showed about six men standing around outside and DIDN"T offer aid. While I can understand not going after a criminal if your not armed, but to not offer first aid?! The criminal was in and out of the frame so quick if they are able to identify the crook it from the video it will be a miracle.

The reason this is important is it just reinforces the argument for the need of personal responsibility...the need to be a John Doe when faced by monsters that would harm your neighbors. I'm not talking about turning into the Punisher but someone that calls in criminal activity or some guy that starts saying 'allah ackbar' in the middle of the mall or a plane.

As I've stated before the government can only do so much, but to acquiesce freedom of choice for any reason, including free health care is a slap in the face of every man and woman that have picked up a rifle in defense of this country. And to trust an inanimate object to protect you is sheer idiocy.

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