Friday, September 21, 2007

How Do Gun Bans Affect Non-Gun Owners?

Transworldnews has an intereting article about how gun bans hurt non-gunowners:

The defective premise of gun control spreads to other issues affecting non-gun owners now.
LOS ANGELES 9/19/2007 3:48 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)
Gun bans wrongly and wrongfully affect non-gun owners because bans disarm only the law-abiding. Nothing new, until you see how this spreads. As usual, criminal laws do not interfere with crime until after-the-fact; gun control interferes with only the honest and before-the-fact, and then again after-the-fact, often within a system which victimizes constituents twice. Lifting gun bans can enhance crime control and lift government burdens. For some officials, carrying burdens is desirable, but it is an abuse of the law against the interests of the United States.
Understand that citizens play a role in crime control -- you might say that it is a burden that is ours to carry - and gun bans unreasonably and illegally freeze the citizen out of the process entirely. Police are utterly a reactive force. Reliance on a reactive force to the exclusion of the citizenry is a trap. Assumptions have been that only police can control crime, or that it is their job to protect individuals who summon them. Both are false, and let’s get real on this right now. Advice such as "Don’t do anything until we get there," – "Be a Good Witness." — "Give them what they want," – "It’s the Police’s job," have all proven to contribute to individual tragedy and to crime overall, and to do nothing to stem it. Nothing.
The fact is that Police have no duty to protect individuals. Not since the inception of an organized police force in the middle 1800's, and not today. It has been merely an assumption, and perhaps very important for the head of a household to know.
The answer is, of course, not to react to violence as any single political answer, but to meet it instance-by-instance, and regular beat officers know very well that the target is the first line of defense. This burden is ours, and nothing will ever change it. It is wrong to interfere with it merely for political reasons.
Police, attorneys, judges, gun owners and others also know that citizens are possessed of all legal authority to stop a crime in progress, especially their own rape, robbery or even murder. We can even come to the defense of another. All gun regulation seeks to attack this citizen authority.
Right-to-carry states [where citizens carry their guns] comprise a super-majority not only on these principles, but on an entire philosophy that an armed citizenry doesn’t contribute to violence, an armed citizenry de-escalates it. Isn’t this how crime should be fought — with no one getting hurt?
The FBI agrees. As a central destination for crime reports handed in by law enforcement around the nation, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report gives national figures of shooting deaths of about 29,500 each year; the Bureau furnishes its companion figure of citizens who use their gun to de-escalate a crime in progress to be more than 2.5 million times a year. Understand that Police and gun owners are not foes, but allies.
For the nearly 30,000 who die unarmed, there are 2.5 million who don’t die in a crime because they have not only superior force, but full authority to act, and they use both. 2.5 million times a year.
Here is how gun laws affect the non gun owner. Bans are an exquisite example of how constituents fear their city managers more than they do criminals. managers then come to know this and the principle spreads.
From disaster preparedness and disaster recovery, education content and violent crime — constituents are increasingly frozen out of the process of shaping tragedy and disaster of what could be a societal plane crash into a much more preferable controlled descent. Citizens are the supreme authority in this country; why freeze them out of a healing/recovery process? Consulting officials in cases such as the Virginia Tech Shooting and refusing to give greater weight to parents and students is ludicrous when the intended target and the supreme authority there [students] are one and the same.
Gun bans are no different. Gun control fails because it obscures and punishes the authority to act when facing grave danger. This principle of hiding your authority spreads to other political issues. It’s that simple -- many of which are based on a fraud of fighting crime and hate.
In the months ahead, constituents need to remember that the Second Amendment is not about guns – it is about abuses of the law. The founders didn’t care about weapons of the future – but they did anticipate recurrences of what they had just defeated: abuses of due process for political gain – a looting of the nation by keeping crisis going, to put it in modern terms.
How does a gun law affect me, if I don’t even own a gun? It works to dissolve the legal force which backs your citizen authority against boondoggles, such as those claiming violence or hate. Fraudulant programs then grow, in pre-emptively ascribing hate and violence to all, and that includes you. When crime or hate is used as a reason to take the force - and the choice - out of the hands of you, the non-criminal, the non-hater, because they cannot disarm the criminals, when it is used to criminalize the honest, then you have an abuse of the law.
Abuse of the law was the very reason the Founders wrote that the citizens be the supreme authority, and not only vigilant, but armed to back that authority. In any era.
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