Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When you attack a college kid Don't Whine about how people treat you.

I finally found the article that Jenni Carlson wrote about the OSU QB. Being a Nebraska Cornhusker fan I'm not really all that familiar with the OSU team and I don't know much about this kid. That being said she essentially called him a wuss because his mom brought him chicken and a lot of conjuncture about how the coaching staff "lost faith" in the QB. She had basically made it so Mike Gundy had no choice to call this hack reporter out.

After watching the scolding he gave this writer, I don't think it was a tirade, he knew exactly what he was saying, the tone was appropriate for the lack of journalistic integrity that came from heresy. HE HAD TO SCOLD her like that or she wouldn't have gotten it through her Napoleon Complex.

As this has unfolded, I've watched espn rush to the defense of this hack, they say the coach was right in what he said but shouldn't have been "harsh." Even watching interviews that Jenni Carlson has given since, she is whining about how she was treated, thus acting like a sissy. I know it's a hard concept for liberals but it is a simple rule, "If you attack someone without warrant, and someone stands up to you...don't cry like a little school girl." If she's going to cover football she needs to toughen up or shut up.

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Ron Simpson said...

I posted the article on my blog with some editorials from both sides. The Oklahoman is a rag. I have never liked it. And Gundy has informed the Oklahoman that he is through with them. He will probably back off that stance, but he will likely black list her. When one of the three big sports universities in your state bans you, you might as well leave.
her column was trash.