Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So, where's the UN in policing the High Seas?

The AP is reporting that the US Navy retook a North Korean ship from pirates. Guess, no where on the evening news, but I guess that would have to mean the media would have to admit our guys are heroes.

Destroying American Culture one ICON at a time

Yesterday morning I was listening to Glenn Beck in horror and great anger when he said GI JOE isn't GI JOE anymore. Mr. Beck reported that the 'Real American Hero' is going to become an international reactionary military force. I went for independent confirmation of this and found this article from IESB where it isn't just going to include the British Actionman but agents from around the world. While I can understand the concept of wanting a broader international appeal, but why not try to put out a better view of our country. The answer maybe because of the fear of being to Patriotic (see /films).

This begs the question: "What is wrong with being too Patriotic?" When has the freedoms that God granted us that we as Americans enjoy to the fullest extent that ANY NATION has had? When there is a natural disaster as private citizens we are the first to open our wallets. Our troops have gone world wide to save the lowest person on earth. We still have heroes buried in France, in Asia, and Africa. I'm not saying we haven't ever done anything wrong, but to not celebrate who we are as a people we are setting ourselves up to be over run by cutthroats crossing a border, because we don't want to look like 'we're evil' or not being willing to admit our troops have the enemy on the run in Iraq because some how a handful of criminal guards abused some monsters (never mind the guards were punished.)

We don't celebrate our advancement into space (even if we haven't done anything new in 20 years), or in medicine. I heard a Giuliani commercial where he said that in our medical system because it has some basis in the free market prostrate cancer has an 84% survivor rate compared to the much touted tax-payer socialist of Great Britain survivor rate is at 44%.

If it wasn't for the US women would be oppressed in Afghanistan.

While I know we aren't perfect, far from it. But when the communist system of Cuba is held up as an example where millions were slaughtered and telling ourselves we are a horrible people what do we gain?

What do we gain by changing our icons? If GI Joe answers to the un (an entity that couldn't fight it's way out of a paper sack, an entity that raped and pillaged the people they were sent to "protect" and amazingly barely if at all covered by those that whined for almost a year about abu grahib) Cobra would in reality would rule the world as the un would refuse to pass sanctions or may send in the blue helmets to watch as Cobra wrecked, ruined, and pillaged the earth.

With the un we get the oil for food scandal, with the US the world gets freedom when we don't run away because we defeat ourselves because we for some reason believe we are a bad people.

GI Joe for a couple of generations taught boys what was great about the US. To make GI Joe an international force answerable to the un is like saying John Wayne loved joe stalin. We need to quit trying to destroy our culture other wise there won't be a US.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

"It has ever been my hobby-horse to see rising in America an empire
of liberty, and a prospect of two or three hundred millions of freemen,
without one noble or one king among them. You say it is impossible.
If I should agree with you in this, I would still say, let us try the
experiment, and preserve our equality as long as we can. A better
system of education for the common people might preserve them long
from such artificial inequalities as are prejudicial to society,
by confounding the natural distinctions of right and wrong, virtue and vice."

-- John Adams (letter to Count Sarsfield, 3 February 1786)Reference: Our Sacred Honor, Bennett, 264.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

When your filled with hate, you will turn on your friends, or I don't know which one to believe

The AP is reporting:

CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida sympathizers have unleashed a
torrent of anger against Al-Jazeera television, accusing it of misrepresenting
Osama bin Laden's latest audiotape by airing excerpts in which he criticizes
mistakes by insurgents in Iraq.

Users of a leading Islamic militant Web
forum posted thousands of insults against the pan-Arab station for focusing on
excerpts in which bin Laden criticizes insurgents, including his
Analysts said the reaction highlighted militants' surprise at bin
Laden's words, and their dismay at the deep divisions among al-Qaida and other
Iraqi militants that he appeared to be trying to heal.
"It's not about
Al-Jazeera, it's about their shock from bin Laden," said Diaa Rashwan, an
Egyptian expert on Islamic militant groups. "For the first time, bin Laden, who
used to be the spiritual leader who gives guidance, became a critic of al-Qaida
and is confessing mistakes. This is unusual."
"God fight Al-Jazeera," railed
one militant Web poster, calling the station a "collaborator with the Crusaders"
for suggesting the tape showed weakness in al-Qaida and featuring discussions of
how the tape reflected weaknesses and divisions among insurgents in Iraq.
recording aired Monday contained unusually strong criticism of insurgents in
Iraq from bin Laden, who urges them to admit mistakes and unify. Bin Laden even
acknowledges that he advises himself not to be "fanatical" in his
"Some of you have been lax in one duty, which is to unite your
ranks," bin Laden said. "Beware of division ... Muslims are waiting for you to
gather under a single banner to champion righteousness. Be keen to oblige with
this duty."
"I advise myself, Muslims in general and brothers in al-Qaida
everywhere to avoid extremism among men and groups," he said.
The tape was
met with a cautiously positive response from at least one insurgent coalition
that has been opposed to al-Qaida.
But the Al-Fajr Media Center, which
usually posts al-Qaida video and audio tapes on the Web, accused Al-Jazeera of
"counterfeiting the facts" by making the speech appear as exclusively critical
of insurgents.
"Al-Jazeera directors have shamefully chosen to back the
Crusaders' side, and the defenders of hypocrites and the thugs and traitors of
Iraq," Al-Fajr said in a statement posted on several Islamic Web
Another Web contributor even rattled off a five-stanza poem of rhymed
couplets, comparing the station to a "miserable fly in the garbage" and
concluding, "Your day will come, vile one. As long as we live, you won't be
safe, Jazeera."
Few of the thousands of messages posted by contributors on
the Web sites — who are only identified by usernames — called for direct
violence against Al-Jazeera. Most instead urged that the full bin Laden tape be
distributed as widely as possible on the Web to show its true message.
full 30-minute audio was posted on Islamic Web sites the day after excerpts were
aired by Al-Jazeera. It features long sections praising insurgents for their
"holy war" against U.S. and Iraqi troops and urging Iraqis to join them.
editor-in-chief of the Qatar-based station, Ahmed Sheik, refused to comment on
the criticism but said the tape had not been misrepresented.
"Every time, we
deal with their tapes same way we did last time," he told The Associated
Bin Laden's message came at a time of deepening splits in the Sunni
Arab insurgency in Iraq. Some insurgent groups have formed a coalition rivaling
one set up by al-Qaida in Iraq. Other factions have broken away and joined U.S.
troops in fighting al-Qaida. A group of Sunni Arab tribes in the western
province of Anbar also have campaigned against al-Qaida.
The splits are
believed to have been caused by anger over al-Qaida attempts to dominate the
insurgency as well as by its killings of Sunni tribal leaders and its attempts
to impose Taliban-like rules.
The spokesman of one coalition of insurgents
opposed to al-Qaida welcomed bin Laden's call and even left open the possibility
of working with al-Qaida if its mistakes were corrected.
"We don't want to
get ahead of ourselves ... but the subject is put forward before the council,"
Khattab Abdul-Rahman al-Jabbouri, spokesman of the Political Council of the
Iraqi Resistance, told Al-Jazeera in an interview.
He said al-Qaida in
Iraq's actions "damaged the social fabric of the Iraqi people." But "if someone
corrects their mistake, no matter who they are, then that is a good thing.
That's what we hope for today, so that we can end the mistakes and unify our
ranks so we can be a single line against the aggressor," he said.
Driggers, Mideast analyst for the Terrorism Research Center, said bin Laden's
criticisms of al-Qaida in Iraq and his rhetoric addressing all Iraqis —
including tribal leaders — "seems to have brought more authority to the request
(for unity) and the groups are taking it more seriously."
But Eric
Rosenbach, a terror expert and executive director of research at Harvard
University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, said the
splits will be difficult to mend, pointing out that Sunni tribal leaders in Iraq
view bin Laden as being as foreign as the Americans.

This makes me wonder when the daily kos is going to come out with the thought that Karl Rove captured bin ladin single handedly and had Jack Bauer torture him into making this latest tape.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Reason not to trust government with healthcare

The Army Corps of Engineers have a way of doing some incredibly incompetent things. The states that have the Missouri River running through is well aware of how the Corps release so much water downriver-especially when there is no barge traffic on the Mississippi river (the stated reason they release so much water from the dams Sakakawea and Oahe.) A monument that was covered since 1954 was visible for the first time this Summer on Lake Sakakawea. It's an annual ordeal for our state to extend the boat ramp into the lake.

This is irksome enough, but when you see a state having to conserve water and even that isn't going to be enough because the Corps is 'obeying' the law to save some purple mussel over the lives of Americans one has got to wonder where the priorities are in this nation Human life must trump animal life. IF Darwin is to be believed then the mussels must either die or adapt.

IF our government is going to put, an endangered animal above the lives of our fellow citizens it is time to rethink trusting them for our security, end social security-because they can't be trusted with our money, and we should NEVER allow the government to run our health care.
But what do I know, I'm just a hick that has seen how poorly it has done running the Reservation system and the Veteran's Administration.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

What does government attempted censorship cost? Beyond freedom the market place has decided that price is $2,100,100 + Rush Limbaugh's matching that price. No word if any of the Senators that violated their oath of office are going to match the winning bid. This doesn't include those of us that are only able to throw in a couple of bucks here and there to honor their legacy that have to live without our heroes.

For the Children

Listening to Speaker pelosi's cry on S-CHIP being for the children honestly began to grate on me because every time the liberals want us mere mortals to swallow something that is extra-constitutional they utter this phrase. Until I saw what Rush Limbaugh was doing with the Senates letter to violate his 1st Amendment rights.

Rush has put the letter up on E-bay for auction with all proceeds going to the Marine Corps- Law Enforcement Foundation. This Foundation gives scholarships to children of military and federal law enforcement officers that die in the line of duty. There is little or no over head for this Foundation so ALL the money go to the children.

The next time a liberal ELLECTED official says it's for the children and has not contributed at least out of their own pocket $10,000 to this Foundation for the children they should be ignored because they aren't doing something for the children. No matter what people think about Rush this is a worthy charity that anything we give to this Foundation is a drop in the bucket for what we owe to those that picked up a rifle or put on a badge for this nation.

More love from the 'religion of peace' towards Christianity

Reuters is reporting that an American Christian missionary has been taken hostage in Chad by a group that has connected itself al queda. The 'rebels' took Steve Godbold prisoner earlier this month. While negotiations are under way to get his release we need to be praying for his safety along with the others that are risking their life to spread the Gospel.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

If you can kill like an adult, you need to do adult time

The Bismarck Tribune has an article about a sixteen year old female driver that ran a stop light where she killed another driver. The intersection where this occurred she was at least going 50 mph when she ran the red light.

Unfortunately, the state has decided this should go through juvenile court, in spite a car has about a million times the foot pounds of force that my .45 has. This is ridiculous if she would have been standing on street corner shooting arrows she would have been charged as an adult with no less than a manslaughter charge. A vehicle is tool that can make a very capable weapon when wielded by someone that's irresponsible.

I will grant I don't believe in rehabilitation, I believe in punishment, I don't give a warm bucket of spit what happens to criminals (unless they don't receive the most severe punishment that the law allows). This was NOT an accident, she wantonly disregarded the safety of others and the punishment must meet the crime. A juvie rap sheet that will go away at age 18 will NOT bring Roy Roberts back to his family that WILL PAY EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES because of this crime.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reminder of North Dakota's Strength

USA Today: Monday, October 15 Bismarck - The State Historical Society of North Dakota has taken possession of a Cold War artifact - an Air Force missile silo. Preservation advocates want to make the silo and a former control center near Cooperstown into a historic site and tourist attraction. The society has $500,000 in federal and state grants but needs to raise $1 million.

The nuclear missiles are an important part of our history as Dakotans and should be represented as a historical site. I'm hoping that we can raise the money to preserve this piece of our heritage.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There are still good American Men

The Military Times has a video interview with a wounded soldier that had an RPG fired into him that didn't explode. There is no end of awe I have for all those that are serving this nation.
The bravery of the medical staff and the demolitions crew have my total respect.

Hat tip to Gunslinger

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Will Smith Develops 'Hitch' sitcom

Reuters is reporting that Will Smith is developing a sit-com based on the movie "Hitch." While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, which is rare for romantic comedies for me, if he's not going to star in it the draw to the show won't be as great for me because there are a few shows like 'Hitch' from 'two and half men' to 'How I met your mother.'

I'll probably check it out because I'm a huge Will Smith fan, but there again if he isn't starring in it I don't know if it will really break through.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Political Joke of the day

The un has called on the US to prosecute contractors in Iraq that commit crime. The un who raped an pillaged their way through Africa.

Support RINOs or else

After I rolled out of bed and decided I needed some food, I hopped into Elly to head to a steakhouse for dinner. The radio was tuned to the Hannity show where he was interviewing Newt Gingrich. I was treated to the same old discourse that comes out of the Easterners mouth every election year and their complaint that Dr. Dobson said that if Rudy was to get the nomination he would run a third party candidate.

First off, Mrs. bill clinton is evil. No one would argue otherwise that has read the Communist Manefesto, Das Kapitol, 1984, and Animal Farm as long as they are intellectually honest. We know that statement that 'when clinton lied no one died' is false (see Branch Davidians, Blackhawk Down, and the Serbs). There is no dout that Echelon and Craig Livingston and the FBI files on thousands of Americans should terrify all those that complain about the NSA phone captures.

That been said, I'm tired of republicans using her as a the boogieman to get us to sacrifice our principle to support Rudy, Romney, or Huckabee. The concept that Rudy will only nominate 'strict constructionist' is hard for me to swallow knowing that he started the New York law suit aimed towards an American Industry, because it was 'responsible' for the deaths of New Yorkers. Even beyond this I listened in horror a couple of months ago when actually bragged about how he wielded the constitution against the populace...just as disgusting as if it came out of mrs. bill clinton's mouth. Or the debate where Governor Romney bragged about his state's gun control laws.

I have a buddy that says I should fall in lock step with Huckabee. The problem is he's for a nation wide ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, and in public. Not only making it impossible to support mrs. bill clinton's health care plan because people can't smoke, but I have been consistent on personal choice rights from seatbelts, helmet laws, and smoking. The founders intended that the individual right wasn't going to be trampled by tyrants...even if the swamp was just outside of Maryland and Virgina.

Newt's point about Chief Justice Roberts because President Bush was able to nominate him and get him passed the marxists and the RINOs in the Senate is a valid point on why supporting these three (which was weird considering Thompson is closing in on front runner Romney), It isn't enough reason why us conservatives should sacrifice our principles to vote for RINOs. I keep seeing stories about how the marxists are raising more money than the Repubs. If this is the case, maybe the Republicans need to realize that we are torqued, we worked hard for decades to get a Republican congress and they acted like wusses. They didn't demand a cop assault be prosecuted or a bribe case be filed. They didn't make any move to change Senate rules and they did nothing to secure the border. So, we get nothing from them except 'well either you vote for us or the boogieman becomes El Presidente for life.

They really have no vision for this country. I will grant Rudy will keep the monsters on the run, but at what price? I can't vote for them just because of Mrs. bill clinton, most people don't vote against someone they need a reason to vote for them.

I have a buddy that thinks I'm nuts for backing Fred, but he's the only one talking about federalism. (well that's not anti-Semitic). His articles that he wrote for really spoke to my Federalist heart and I've checked out his voting record I can support him. Those three scare me just as much as Obama and Mrs. bill clinton. And yes it would be a mistake to run a third party, but there is no way I can vote for Rudy or Romney.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She's isn't helping her case

It's bad enough to call her josephine stalin, but when she puts on a witch's hat she sure isn't going to ingratiate herself to men.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why in world are we cow towing to a third world country?

The AP is reporting that the President is trying to get Texas to stop an execution of an illegal alien from mexico that has been in the US for years. This monster was part of a gang that murdered and raped two teenage girls. The reason of this is because of a 1963 Viena treaty that somehow this monsters rights were supposedly ignored.

Bottom line this monster did the crime he should swing.

Pastor Appriciation month

My traditional Pastors Appriciation month blog.

First of Paul wrote that those who are doing the Lord's Work deserve what they are paid. Which in some areas of this country is way less than teachers, especially if you factor in teachers hours and the two or three months they have off. Pastors are kinda like United States Presidents when it comes to vacation. They are always in contact with the body. My dad always left the phone number with a boardmember when we left for vacation. There were quite a few times when his one day off were taken up because someone was sick, needed prayer, or counseling. My dad also went into the public school when there were events in town if the kids needed someone to talk to. (something alot of pastors would do or are doing)I not saying a pastor minds. I know I have relayed this story before, but I think it bears repeating.The day before the wreck I was telling my dad about a hostage situation that my one of my college professors had told us about where there was a man had his family at the point of a gun and wanted a pastor, but none was found.Before I could fininsh my dad said I can't believe that because a true pastor with a pastor's heart will drop everything if they were needed.Less than twenty-four hours later dad was dead. BUT there was a Bapist Pastor on a Sunday Morning at 0400 hrs came to be with my family at the first hospital than traveled 40+ miles to visit mom in the next. Never met us, probably will never see him until we get home The Pastor that I currently have well I tease him about only working one day a week, but I know that he preaches at least one nursing home, meets with at least on accountability group, goes walking with on Tuesday (which I appreciate more than I can express because I miss being a pk and I enjoy his friendship).Low pay and long hours aren't the only hardship that pastors families endure. My dad had people call and complain about the music that my sister and I listened to. They complained because my sister found a nice coat that she had(a little coat of many colors jealousy I guess). And the bizarre expectation that we would be perfect. (well I was perfect at least).Finally, someone who is vital to the ministry of the pastor is the pastor's wife. My pastor and I have talked about it and I told him I think the most important person in our church is his wife, because I know Sheri helps him keep his schedule straight and keeps him grounded. He has said that she tells him that they need to get a gift for this person that is hurting or for this family that just had a kid.So this month that is Pastor Appreciation Month remember he works worse hours than you for a ton less money. He is human and so are his kids, so don't hold them to an inordinately high standard, a standard that you- yourself don't keep. And Remember how valuable He is and His wife because when trouble comes. He will be there to pray and to hold your hand, don't just honor them this month. And above all keep him and his family in your prayers.

Friday, October 05, 2007

People of the Gun

There is a blog that has decided to list those of us who belive in self-preservation as People of the Gun in response to those that would deny us that God-given right. This is the Picture I'm submitting with my Peacemaker on my left hip.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

When honesty doesn't matter

First off I have to renew my contempt for any government spending on health care beyond our troops, vets, and the Nations.

The health care program that President Bush vetoed would have expanded the program to 25 yr olds and families that make Eighty thousand dollars a year ( don't think dad made over $30 grand his whole life for comparison.) Eighty thousand dollars isn't poor, it may not be rich, but it isn't poor the stated purpose of the program. Which has caused some to postulate that it is a precursor of some marxist program to subjugate our health care to the government.

What happens when you read the news on this or watch cnn or C-SPAN with all the dems...they claim it's for the poor. There isn't even an attempt at honest reporting or the truth from our politicians. Instead of being honest about the bill, the call the President a horrible person for not expanding the program to those that the original program wasn't meant for in the first place.

I'll admit it I'm sick of both sides of the isle claiming this or that about each other when there is no honesty involved.

Some may claim I'm doing the same thing calling those that support this marxists, I challenge you to read the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapitol then try to convince me that they aren't willing to steal my money to provide for someone else's health care. I can make the case it's a marxist program.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More government compassion...for the children

The AP is reporting on millions wasted by government officials on airline travel. A good chunk of which was first class seats because they were ENTITLED to them. And we are supposed to trust them with our health care?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007