Friday, October 19, 2007

For the Children

Listening to Speaker pelosi's cry on S-CHIP being for the children honestly began to grate on me because every time the liberals want us mere mortals to swallow something that is extra-constitutional they utter this phrase. Until I saw what Rush Limbaugh was doing with the Senates letter to violate his 1st Amendment rights.

Rush has put the letter up on E-bay for auction with all proceeds going to the Marine Corps- Law Enforcement Foundation. This Foundation gives scholarships to children of military and federal law enforcement officers that die in the line of duty. There is little or no over head for this Foundation so ALL the money go to the children.

The next time a liberal ELLECTED official says it's for the children and has not contributed at least out of their own pocket $10,000 to this Foundation for the children they should be ignored because they aren't doing something for the children. No matter what people think about Rush this is a worthy charity that anything we give to this Foundation is a drop in the bucket for what we owe to those that picked up a rifle or put on a badge for this nation.


Ron Simpson said...

Not on this subject, but...
I have a ruger p89 9mm. I am looking for a good concealed holster. I want a compact holster or a skeleton holster. I would prefer to have one that has no thumb break. Any suggestions?

Ron Simpson said...

thanks for the reply. I am doing my research and shopping now. I am debating getting a smaller profile handgun.