Thursday, October 18, 2007

If you can kill like an adult, you need to do adult time

The Bismarck Tribune has an article about a sixteen year old female driver that ran a stop light where she killed another driver. The intersection where this occurred she was at least going 50 mph when she ran the red light.

Unfortunately, the state has decided this should go through juvenile court, in spite a car has about a million times the foot pounds of force that my .45 has. This is ridiculous if she would have been standing on street corner shooting arrows she would have been charged as an adult with no less than a manslaughter charge. A vehicle is tool that can make a very capable weapon when wielded by someone that's irresponsible.

I will grant I don't believe in rehabilitation, I believe in punishment, I don't give a warm bucket of spit what happens to criminals (unless they don't receive the most severe punishment that the law allows). This was NOT an accident, she wantonly disregarded the safety of others and the punishment must meet the crime. A juvie rap sheet that will go away at age 18 will NOT bring Roy Roberts back to his family that WILL PAY EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES because of this crime.

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