Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pastor Appriciation month

My traditional Pastors Appriciation month blog.

First of Paul wrote that those who are doing the Lord's Work deserve what they are paid. Which in some areas of this country is way less than teachers, especially if you factor in teachers hours and the two or three months they have off. Pastors are kinda like United States Presidents when it comes to vacation. They are always in contact with the body. My dad always left the phone number with a boardmember when we left for vacation. There were quite a few times when his one day off were taken up because someone was sick, needed prayer, or counseling. My dad also went into the public school when there were events in town if the kids needed someone to talk to. (something alot of pastors would do or are doing)I not saying a pastor minds. I know I have relayed this story before, but I think it bears repeating.The day before the wreck I was telling my dad about a hostage situation that my one of my college professors had told us about where there was a man had his family at the point of a gun and wanted a pastor, but none was found.Before I could fininsh my dad said I can't believe that because a true pastor with a pastor's heart will drop everything if they were needed.Less than twenty-four hours later dad was dead. BUT there was a Bapist Pastor on a Sunday Morning at 0400 hrs came to be with my family at the first hospital than traveled 40+ miles to visit mom in the next. Never met us, probably will never see him until we get home The Pastor that I currently have well I tease him about only working one day a week, but I know that he preaches at least one nursing home, meets with at least on accountability group, goes walking with on Tuesday (which I appreciate more than I can express because I miss being a pk and I enjoy his friendship).Low pay and long hours aren't the only hardship that pastors families endure. My dad had people call and complain about the music that my sister and I listened to. They complained because my sister found a nice coat that she had(a little coat of many colors jealousy I guess). And the bizarre expectation that we would be perfect. (well I was perfect at least).Finally, someone who is vital to the ministry of the pastor is the pastor's wife. My pastor and I have talked about it and I told him I think the most important person in our church is his wife, because I know Sheri helps him keep his schedule straight and keeps him grounded. He has said that she tells him that they need to get a gift for this person that is hurting or for this family that just had a kid.So this month that is Pastor Appreciation Month remember he works worse hours than you for a ton less money. He is human and so are his kids, so don't hold them to an inordinately high standard, a standard that you- yourself don't keep. And Remember how valuable He is and His wife because when trouble comes. He will be there to pray and to hold your hand, don't just honor them this month. And above all keep him and his family in your prayers.

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