Thursday, October 11, 2007

Support RINOs or else

After I rolled out of bed and decided I needed some food, I hopped into Elly to head to a steakhouse for dinner. The radio was tuned to the Hannity show where he was interviewing Newt Gingrich. I was treated to the same old discourse that comes out of the Easterners mouth every election year and their complaint that Dr. Dobson said that if Rudy was to get the nomination he would run a third party candidate.

First off, Mrs. bill clinton is evil. No one would argue otherwise that has read the Communist Manefesto, Das Kapitol, 1984, and Animal Farm as long as they are intellectually honest. We know that statement that 'when clinton lied no one died' is false (see Branch Davidians, Blackhawk Down, and the Serbs). There is no dout that Echelon and Craig Livingston and the FBI files on thousands of Americans should terrify all those that complain about the NSA phone captures.

That been said, I'm tired of republicans using her as a the boogieman to get us to sacrifice our principle to support Rudy, Romney, or Huckabee. The concept that Rudy will only nominate 'strict constructionist' is hard for me to swallow knowing that he started the New York law suit aimed towards an American Industry, because it was 'responsible' for the deaths of New Yorkers. Even beyond this I listened in horror a couple of months ago when actually bragged about how he wielded the constitution against the populace...just as disgusting as if it came out of mrs. bill clinton's mouth. Or the debate where Governor Romney bragged about his state's gun control laws.

I have a buddy that says I should fall in lock step with Huckabee. The problem is he's for a nation wide ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, and in public. Not only making it impossible to support mrs. bill clinton's health care plan because people can't smoke, but I have been consistent on personal choice rights from seatbelts, helmet laws, and smoking. The founders intended that the individual right wasn't going to be trampled by tyrants...even if the swamp was just outside of Maryland and Virgina.

Newt's point about Chief Justice Roberts because President Bush was able to nominate him and get him passed the marxists and the RINOs in the Senate is a valid point on why supporting these three (which was weird considering Thompson is closing in on front runner Romney), It isn't enough reason why us conservatives should sacrifice our principles to vote for RINOs. I keep seeing stories about how the marxists are raising more money than the Repubs. If this is the case, maybe the Republicans need to realize that we are torqued, we worked hard for decades to get a Republican congress and they acted like wusses. They didn't demand a cop assault be prosecuted or a bribe case be filed. They didn't make any move to change Senate rules and they did nothing to secure the border. So, we get nothing from them except 'well either you vote for us or the boogieman becomes El Presidente for life.

They really have no vision for this country. I will grant Rudy will keep the monsters on the run, but at what price? I can't vote for them just because of Mrs. bill clinton, most people don't vote against someone they need a reason to vote for them.

I have a buddy that thinks I'm nuts for backing Fred, but he's the only one talking about federalism. (well that's not anti-Semitic). His articles that he wrote for really spoke to my Federalist heart and I've checked out his voting record I can support him. Those three scare me just as much as Obama and Mrs. bill clinton. And yes it would be a mistake to run a third party, but there is no way I can vote for Rudy or Romney.


Ron Simpson said...

I understand your concerns. I really do. I am a Romney supporter because of his fiscal ideas and policies. I am worried about run away spending and Romney vetoed a lot of stupid spending as governor. Fred, unfortunately, was part of a spend happy congress. I am not sure I can support that. He has some great ideas and stances, but like I said, my biggest concern is how much debt each American is stuck with, even at birth. Go check out Tom Coburn's official site. It has great info. I wish HE would run.


One of my issues with Romney is he bragged about how he banned certain firearms in his state.

I'm not saying he isn't a good leader, I just don't really trust people that limit freedom.