Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Destroying American Culture one ICON at a time

Yesterday morning I was listening to Glenn Beck in horror and great anger when he said GI JOE isn't GI JOE anymore. Mr. Beck reported that the 'Real American Hero' is going to become an international reactionary military force. I went for independent confirmation of this and found this article from IESB where it isn't just going to include the British Actionman but agents from around the world. While I can understand the concept of wanting a broader international appeal, but why not try to put out a better view of our country. The answer maybe because of the fear of being to Patriotic (see /films).

This begs the question: "What is wrong with being too Patriotic?" When has the freedoms that God granted us that we as Americans enjoy to the fullest extent that ANY NATION has had? When there is a natural disaster as private citizens we are the first to open our wallets. Our troops have gone world wide to save the lowest person on earth. We still have heroes buried in France, in Asia, and Africa. I'm not saying we haven't ever done anything wrong, but to not celebrate who we are as a people we are setting ourselves up to be over run by cutthroats crossing a border, because we don't want to look like 'we're evil' or not being willing to admit our troops have the enemy on the run in Iraq because some how a handful of criminal guards abused some monsters (never mind the guards were punished.)

We don't celebrate our advancement into space (even if we haven't done anything new in 20 years), or in medicine. I heard a Giuliani commercial where he said that in our medical system because it has some basis in the free market prostrate cancer has an 84% survivor rate compared to the much touted tax-payer socialist of Great Britain survivor rate is at 44%.

If it wasn't for the US women would be oppressed in Afghanistan.

While I know we aren't perfect, far from it. But when the communist system of Cuba is held up as an example where millions were slaughtered and telling ourselves we are a horrible people what do we gain?

What do we gain by changing our icons? If GI Joe answers to the un (an entity that couldn't fight it's way out of a paper sack, an entity that raped and pillaged the people they were sent to "protect" and amazingly barely if at all covered by those that whined for almost a year about abu grahib) Cobra would in reality would rule the world as the un would refuse to pass sanctions or may send in the blue helmets to watch as Cobra wrecked, ruined, and pillaged the earth.

With the un we get the oil for food scandal, with the US the world gets freedom when we don't run away because we defeat ourselves because we for some reason believe we are a bad people.

GI Joe for a couple of generations taught boys what was great about the US. To make GI Joe an international force answerable to the un is like saying John Wayne loved joe stalin. We need to quit trying to destroy our culture other wise there won't be a US.

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