Thursday, October 04, 2007

When honesty doesn't matter

First off I have to renew my contempt for any government spending on health care beyond our troops, vets, and the Nations.

The health care program that President Bush vetoed would have expanded the program to 25 yr olds and families that make Eighty thousand dollars a year ( don't think dad made over $30 grand his whole life for comparison.) Eighty thousand dollars isn't poor, it may not be rich, but it isn't poor the stated purpose of the program. Which has caused some to postulate that it is a precursor of some marxist program to subjugate our health care to the government.

What happens when you read the news on this or watch cnn or C-SPAN with all the dems...they claim it's for the poor. There isn't even an attempt at honest reporting or the truth from our politicians. Instead of being honest about the bill, the call the President a horrible person for not expanding the program to those that the original program wasn't meant for in the first place.

I'll admit it I'm sick of both sides of the isle claiming this or that about each other when there is no honesty involved.

Some may claim I'm doing the same thing calling those that support this marxists, I challenge you to read the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapitol then try to convince me that they aren't willing to steal my money to provide for someone else's health care. I can make the case it's a marxist program.

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