Friday, November 30, 2007

Old time Christmas lights

This is a website for Old Christmas Lights just to start off the Christmas Season correctly.

The Sky is falling because everything is caused by global warming

I'm adding a new link that catalogues everything the media has declared has caused global warming.

As heard on Rush Limbaugh which was appropriated from American Thinker.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Death Penalty and Jesus

Flipping between the YouTube debate and Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel there was at least one intriguing question (if not short-sighted) about the death penalty and Christ.

What I find amazing coming from Christians is the total lack of belief in justice. While mercy is important there is no place in Scripture where it supplants justice...even at Calvery.

While the Bible never says directly what Christ says about the death penalty there are somethings we may infer from what the God the Father demanded.

First off, I believe God takes the execution of murderers pretty serious if it was one of the first Commandments God gave Noah when he disembarked. Not to mention all the crimes God said that the evil must be separated from the Israelites in Numbers and Deuteronomy.

I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I don't think that an executioner should take three days to execute someone like Jack the Ripper. Granted, I believe the sooner a monster is burning in hell the better off society is, but there again read Numbers and Deuteronomy.

We know that Christ said that he didn't come to negate the law, but fulfil it. Christ never intervened in an execution, He stopped a vigilante group from killing a woman. The only argument I hear from Christians that the death penalty shouldn't occur is because the condemned may become a Christian. An interesting thought at best, but if that was the case why didn't Christ get the two thieves off the cross. There was one that didn't repent, according to the thought that he may become a 'Christian' Christ would have gotten that thief off the cross. Even the thief that repented didn't receive an earthly pardon, he still paid for his crime.

What do I think Christ would do? I think He is grieved that it came to the place where a person needs to be strung up for destroying a human life, but at that point I'm not sure it fazes God. I think it reaches the point of the day of Judgement where we KNOW God will tell those that don't follow him "Get away from Me, I don't know you." Christ's responsibility is redemption and restoration, but I don't see anywhere in the Bible where Christ subverted justice.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A reason us hicks don't trust Rudy

FoxNews has an article where Senator Thompson is critical of Mayor Giuliani's cityslicker ways on a trip to a New Hampshire gun shop.

Senator Thompson reminds the Easterners that us hicks don't trust some guy that acts like he has his fingers crossed when he talks about abortion or how the Mayor's conversion on firearms really is little more than smoke and mirrors.

I kinda suspect since the Mayor is a New Yorker, the talking heads in New York are drooling over the prospect of the political version of a subway series (the same reason espn seams to only carry Yankee's games all stinking summer, even if they stink worse than Notre Dame.)

Being a hick I resent the effort to force a couple of cityslickers on this nation that couldn't tell which end of a BULL to milk. With Senator Thompson, he talks about a limited government...the Mayor would increase spending and uncross his fingers if he would become President, not something that we really need to do.

If a shooter can't identify the target, they shouldn't have firearms

coyote ------------------------------------------------------------------cow

Normally, I'm all for more people having firearms, but there are some people that shouldn't even look at them on the tv. This guy is one of them:

The undersheriff in northern Michigan's Benzie County says he doesn't see how anyone
could confuse a 1,400-pound pregnant cow with a coyote, which typically weighs
between 20 and 45 pounds.
And anyway, shooting coyotes is illegal during
firearm deer season. Authorities asked the county prosecutor to bring charges
against the shooter.
A 42-year-old man told authorities he was out to shoot
coyotes near his Colfax Township home Saturday when he killed the cow,
Undersheriff Rory Heckman told the Traverse City Record-Eagle for a story
published Wednesday. Heckman said the man then tried to drag the cow home.
"The part of his story he his holding to is he shot at a coyote. I don't
know how he hit a several-thousand pound cow mistaking it for a coyote," Heckman
The cow was named Hannah and had wandered away from its farm, about
205 miles northwest of
"My husband thought that he should go through
some therapy looking at repeated pictures of cows and coyotes because they look
nothing alike. It didn't make any sense to me," said owner DeAnn Mosher.

To say I don't believe his story is an understatement. While there is a whole host of things he really could have been doing, but to make a mistake that big there just has to be some chemical inducement, or revenge this idiot is trying to mead out.
I'm not one for wanting someone's tools confiscated, but this is one time he should not be allowed to own as much as a pea shooter.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Since the Christmas Season is upon us

Officemax has on their website a way where you can turn yourself into an elf.

I guess I have to much time on my own hands if I can dance like too.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


One of the few artists that was the best at capturing who we are as Americans was Norman Rockwell. As Americans we have a lot to be thankful for. We've have had more opportunities to be self-determinate. We have the right to speak our mind. So, when we gather with our families through this holiday season from now through HANUKKAH and Christmas we must count our blessings.
"It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence ofAlmighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits,and humbly to implore his protection and favors."-- George Washington (Thanksgiving Proclamation, 3 October 1789)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


As I watch the fear and trepedation from the CBS about the District of Columbia v. Heller the graphic that was shown is GUN BATTLE in front of the Supreme Court. Someone that would have the sound turned down like I do may think that there is a coup going on in front of SCOTUS.

I have to be honest I'm a little nervous about DC v. Heller because there are a couple of justices that believe that following foreign law over the Federalist Papers and the Constitution. The Founders believed in self-reliance and distrust of tyrannical government. There was a reason they didn't want a standing army and believed the militia was necessary for the security of the state, but throughout the Constitution there are checks and balances. The Second Amendment is the ultimate control-alt-delete when it comes to unruly times.

The idea of the Founders never conceiving of a multiple round weapon is, well has no basis in fact. First off, a firearm is the natural evolution of projectile weapons from the crossbow which was derived from the bow which some ancient cave guy figured out he could get a projectile farther launching it than just heaving it by hand. The Chinese had a multi-round crossbow that works amazingly similar to a pump shotgun. Our Founders would have watched the Indians launching five or six arrows to two rounds from the Founders' flintlocks. Then we have to factor in Ben Franklin was in Europe for years. Since Da Vinci had a design for a multiple round gun I can't imagine that Ben Franklin wouldn't have tried to look at Da Vinci's Notebooks.
During the golden age of Piracy, Pirates would pair up pistols by tying them together and stringing them over their neck and carried as many as eight pistols during a battle. This has the same affect as a magazine in a semi-auto pistol. Also, looking at the battle tactics for a couple of hundred years before the Revolutionary War battle was designed to get multiple rounds down range, a machine gun is designed for putting multiple rounds downrange. The standard battle load during the Revolutionary War was Buck and Ball. The Buck round was about .69 caliber round and the ball would have been two rounds meant for a pistol. The current version of the M-16 A-2/M-4 A-2 is capable of semi-auto and a three round burst. People that say the Founders would never conceive of a semi-auto let alone full-auto weapon ignores what happens when the grunts have time to complain about their equipment and ignore the ingenuity of Americans. Those that say the Founders could Never conceive of a mini gun have no trouble telling us that the Constitution is a breathing document, that our Founders being fully cognisant that progress happens leaving a way to adapt the Constitution to our needs.

The 1939 case leaned towards a corporate right to own firearms, which doesn't make sense considering the whole tone of the Constitution and what the Founders put forth was limiting government, but when a marxist stacks the court the constitution gets violated

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is a real fan?

My sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, The Denver Broncos, the Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, Nebraska Cornhusker football, UND Fighting Sioux. The reason I'm a Cowboys fan is because I read a Christian Comic book about Tom Landry when I was about seven. I inherited following the Broncos from my dad, ditto with the Twins. My favorite memories of my dad involve playing catch listening to the radio listening to either on of these teams playing catch. I follow the Reds because Johny Bench used to host a program called the "Baseball Bunch" where my beloved sister and I never missed an episode as kids. The older I got I started following the Cornhuskers also because of dad. I follow the Sioux because they are perennial college hockey powerhouse and they give my state some national name recognition. (I think this is part of the reason the ncaa wants them to change the name, because they sure don't care about the inherit slander of the Fighting Irish, or the OSU Cowboys).

After e-mailing smack back and forth to my buddy Feltzy about his Packers he told me he respected me because I'm not a bandwagon jumper. Which I can't stand fair-weather fans either. I may temporarily 'change' loyalties during a championships if one of my beloved teams don't make a championship so the event is more exciting if there is someone to cheer for. (With all we hear about how Yankees apparently hate the Red Sox, then Mayor Giuliani says he was cheering for the hated Red Sox during the playoffs...I don't really trust people that act like they have their fingers crossed behind their backs. If he can't be trusted to support his team, during a campaign, no one should support him.) The exchange I had with Feltzy got me wondering about those Cubs fans that keep supporting a team that can't or won't win a championship. Are they really fans? Are they optimists? Where do they get their loyalty? Is it misplaced? Honestly, supporting a team that perennially won't make the necessary moves to be a contender it seams like a person that votes for a party over and over again because of X issue and that party does nothing to fix X issue FOR FIFTY YEARS. Such loyalty is idiotic. It's one thing to be a fan because you love going to Wrigley Field, but to cheer for the Cubs because there is a belief that they will World Series, thus giving some legitimacy to the loyalty the fan thrust upon the team....makes a person look like they are from Rio Linda, California.

So, is a Cubs fan an idiot or just a loyal fan. Depends on how they perceive the team and their expectations and their griping about how pitiful the Cubs are. My thought if they just cheer for a team so they can gripe about how pitiful a team is, they aren't fans. If they cheer for a team because they love being in the sun and spending time with their kid that's a fan. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different's best to leave for Buster Keaton.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Jersey expects it's citizens to act like Kevin Bacon in 'Animal House'

New Jersey voted against borrowing money to fund stem cell research, but for some reason New Jersey's Democrats are going ahead with plans to build research facilities.

I guess in New Jersey it really isn't worth voting if the governor expects the voters to bend over and say, "thank you, can I have another."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank those that have served this nation

Xerox is doing a deal where they will send a thank you card to one of our troops.
Then there is something more substantial that we can do for the kids of those that paid the ultimate by contributing to The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation. The Foundation gives scholarships to the children of the fallen troops.
Also the numerous groups that send monthly carepackages.
So, from the bottom of my Heart....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ellen Degeneres and crossing a picket line

I have to admit first I've never seen Ellen Degeneres's talk show nor have I ever seen her show in the nineties, and I don't intend to change that anytime soon.

Yesterday morning Fox News did a story about Ellen Degeneres crossing the picket line for her fans. I was a little appalled at the hit she was taking for continuing the show just because she was willing to be faithful to the people that actually keep her on the air.

While the writers guild have a point I fail to see how this strike is necessary. I don't see why the writers can't when in negotiation to sell a script they don't add the royalties. And I have to admit I a little relieved they are on strike because it's getting old seeing stories about how horrible we are as Americans. If I wanted to see that I would just go to al-jazera.

I also have to be honest I think unions have no real benefit anymore. Back when industry didn't care about safety they were necessary, but with government over-regulation that part of what made unions valuable is gone. From what I see from unions they charge dues, and they get "represented" to management. Somehow the money disappears.

When Bobcat went on strike a year ago, the workers were out about a month and only got a 4% raise, of course because the strike hurt business a few hundred were laid off. A net loss for the union in the end.

The bottom line is in spite of not being a fan of Ms. DeGeneres I respect that she is loyal to those that enjoy what she does. Too many celebrities couldn't care less about their fans.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Does anyone know where this
global warming is? How about al gore?
He needs to explain why it's snowing.
I thought global warming was going
to prevent this.

Reverend Pat Roberts Endorses Mayor Guillani. So what?

While Reverend Roberts may be an Evangelical leader his endorsement of Mayor Giuliani doesn't really mean anything. Over the last few years it has been evident that Reverend Roberts influence has been decreasing among Christians.

The idea that we are supposed to sacrifice our beliefs to vote for someone that is acting like they have their fingers crossed is flat out wrong and intellectually dishonest.

It would be one thing if Mayor Giuliani only disagreed with one or two things that make a conservative, but over half of what he espouses isn't conservatism. If it was just gay rights alone (meaning true equality, not special rights I have no problem with that) I may be convinced it would be alright to vote for him if the only issue was abortion rights (because abortion isn't going anywhere in spite of Roe being incorrectly decided). But the problem is he's for both and has waffled more than mrs. bill clinton on the Iraq War.

Reverend Roberts blessing doesn't erase Mayor Giuliani's bragging about wielding the constitution against the citizens of New York City like William Wallace thrusting a claymore through Scotland. I don't trust politicians that refuse to recognize the founders intended the constitution as a limit on government, not the populace.

And Yes, I realize Senator Thompson is going no where. Mayor Giuliani's said that, "If you agree with 85% of what I stand for....I can't find 20% beyond chasing the monsters off and his tax policy. I'm not going to the Day of Judgement and explain why I voted for someone that I almost am diametrically opposed to, there's already enough stuff I'm not going to be able to talk myself out of. Reverend Roberts 'absolution' doesn't buy that much grace for me to vote for Mayor Giuliani.

My solution for the Writers strike

The President needs to intervene only as far as the writers of 24 and The Unit are concerned.

I'm tired of the anti-American movies so the rest can stay out forever for all I care. Besides, if I get nostalgic for rendition I can just watch .

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Since Indiana's law requiring a photo ID to vote this is my position on it

Originally posted October 2006

I'm for everyone having a photo ID for voting. If I need a photo ID so I can drive a car, Register my pick-up so I can drive that vehicle, if I need ID so I can hunt for my food, if I need a photo ID and finger prints and a proficiency test to practice my Second Amendment rights-even though some how it doesn't fall under the full faith and credit clause. If Teenagers need a photo ID to get into an 'R' movie. An ID to write Checks. A special ID for my confiscated funds for my retirement known as Social Security. A Photo ID for my job. I have to buy a licence to get hitched (married for those of you in Rio Linda)


Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Bob Ford

After watching the the Assassination of Jesse James, I have to admit it was better than what I was expecting. It really isn't a DVD purchase because it is only good for one viewing. There is some cussing and violence. The good thing about the Sexual content is they limited it to about five off color jokes and unlike most modern movies just insinuated at an encounter instead of showing the encounter.

As far as historical accuracy it is right on from the article and documentaries I've watched, but I do question their interpretation of what caused Jesse to take off his guns when he was killed.In short this is a rental without the kids around, but it isn't a very uplifting movie. It would be better to watch the 1957 3:10 to Yuma.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Best line of the Presidential Campaign so far.

In the interest of full disclosure, I could never support him for any public office. There are a ton of things that give me pause about his campaign from voting to prevent people the right of self-preservation to his unwilliness to show he would be the chief cheerlearder for this Great Nation. He may be a great guy to go get a burger with but even our Theologies not matching up I doubt he would want to get one with the likes of this hick.

I watched the Halloween clip from the 11/03/ Saturday Night Live bit with Senator Obama. The line where the Senator says' "Even on Halloween I want to be myself," earned a great deal of respect from me because he is who he is. I can respect his consistency, something that most of the other candidates lack.

Friday, November 02, 2007

If Senator's that want to raise our taxes, why are they complaining about Passport Fees?

The AP is reporting that a couple of Democratic Senators are complaining about passport fees are exorbitant. While this maybe, never leaving the greatest nation on Earth beyond the International Peace Garden I don't know.

But this makes me wonder why do these same people want to raise taxes on the rich? I don't know many people that are in the same tax bracket as myself 'jetting off to Europe' that isn't on the GI plan.

This really seams to be a shell game, where our Government is hoping the crumbs they give us keep us satisfied that they are doing this job.

Unfortunately, it's both parties. While congress wants to give all sorts of breaks to law breakers it seams like they don't care about those of us that are stuck with the bill. It's like getting drug to a ballet and not getting any affection for the effort.

We may call and write letters to impart our views on criminal activity, then they try to blow smoke in our eyes with an amnesty bill called the 'Dream Act.'
Or sacrificing our sovereignty to the vikings, I mean the un with the Law of the Sea Treaty which would give control of the seas to the very people that raped and pillaged their way through Africa and stole oil from the people of Iraq (thus funding suicide bombings in Israel).

The Gunslinger opined that just blogging about such travesties doesn't get the job done when it comes to the deeds of those living in the swamp between Maryland and Virgina. The problem is there is only so much time people have to write letters call and have to spend on all the swamp gas from our elected leaders.

I get why people were concerned about the NSA phone captures, but what are we supposed to do when government won't do the ONE CONSTITUTIONAL JOB THEY WERE Given? Seventy people slaughtered on the border this year between coyotes and the Mexican Army is seventy people to many. I guess the President and Congress are alright with seventy Americans being killed so the US doesn't appear to be racist.

As I've written numerous times I know that the government can't protect everyone all the time, but if we don't have borders we don't have a country. While I do believe we need to be fighting Iraq (and Iran since we've been fighting them since we've been in Iraq.) we have to do something about the Americans being slaughter by a foreign force in our own country.

With important issues like this they bring up minor issues that make it look as if they are doing their job. It really is beginning to seam they ripped out a page from Fahrenheit 451 by trying to distract us with crumbs, rather than making us the best country we can be no matter what our political beliefs are and doing their dang job.

I don't know what the answer is to get ALL THOSE IN THAT DANG SWAMP to listen, but we are Americans we deserve better than what we are getting. Imagine complaining about a fee, when they want to raise taxes. They really must think we are idiots.