Wednesday, November 21, 2007


As I watch the fear and trepedation from the CBS about the District of Columbia v. Heller the graphic that was shown is GUN BATTLE in front of the Supreme Court. Someone that would have the sound turned down like I do may think that there is a coup going on in front of SCOTUS.

I have to be honest I'm a little nervous about DC v. Heller because there are a couple of justices that believe that following foreign law over the Federalist Papers and the Constitution. The Founders believed in self-reliance and distrust of tyrannical government. There was a reason they didn't want a standing army and believed the militia was necessary for the security of the state, but throughout the Constitution there are checks and balances. The Second Amendment is the ultimate control-alt-delete when it comes to unruly times.

The idea of the Founders never conceiving of a multiple round weapon is, well has no basis in fact. First off, a firearm is the natural evolution of projectile weapons from the crossbow which was derived from the bow which some ancient cave guy figured out he could get a projectile farther launching it than just heaving it by hand. The Chinese had a multi-round crossbow that works amazingly similar to a pump shotgun. Our Founders would have watched the Indians launching five or six arrows to two rounds from the Founders' flintlocks. Then we have to factor in Ben Franklin was in Europe for years. Since Da Vinci had a design for a multiple round gun I can't imagine that Ben Franklin wouldn't have tried to look at Da Vinci's Notebooks.
During the golden age of Piracy, Pirates would pair up pistols by tying them together and stringing them over their neck and carried as many as eight pistols during a battle. This has the same affect as a magazine in a semi-auto pistol. Also, looking at the battle tactics for a couple of hundred years before the Revolutionary War battle was designed to get multiple rounds down range, a machine gun is designed for putting multiple rounds downrange. The standard battle load during the Revolutionary War was Buck and Ball. The Buck round was about .69 caliber round and the ball would have been two rounds meant for a pistol. The current version of the M-16 A-2/M-4 A-2 is capable of semi-auto and a three round burst. People that say the Founders would never conceive of a semi-auto let alone full-auto weapon ignores what happens when the grunts have time to complain about their equipment and ignore the ingenuity of Americans. Those that say the Founders could Never conceive of a mini gun have no trouble telling us that the Constitution is a breathing document, that our Founders being fully cognisant that progress happens leaving a way to adapt the Constitution to our needs.

The 1939 case leaned towards a corporate right to own firearms, which doesn't make sense considering the whole tone of the Constitution and what the Founders put forth was limiting government, but when a marxist stacks the court the constitution gets violated

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