Friday, November 02, 2007

If Senator's that want to raise our taxes, why are they complaining about Passport Fees?

The AP is reporting that a couple of Democratic Senators are complaining about passport fees are exorbitant. While this maybe, never leaving the greatest nation on Earth beyond the International Peace Garden I don't know.

But this makes me wonder why do these same people want to raise taxes on the rich? I don't know many people that are in the same tax bracket as myself 'jetting off to Europe' that isn't on the GI plan.

This really seams to be a shell game, where our Government is hoping the crumbs they give us keep us satisfied that they are doing this job.

Unfortunately, it's both parties. While congress wants to give all sorts of breaks to law breakers it seams like they don't care about those of us that are stuck with the bill. It's like getting drug to a ballet and not getting any affection for the effort.

We may call and write letters to impart our views on criminal activity, then they try to blow smoke in our eyes with an amnesty bill called the 'Dream Act.'
Or sacrificing our sovereignty to the vikings, I mean the un with the Law of the Sea Treaty which would give control of the seas to the very people that raped and pillaged their way through Africa and stole oil from the people of Iraq (thus funding suicide bombings in Israel).

The Gunslinger opined that just blogging about such travesties doesn't get the job done when it comes to the deeds of those living in the swamp between Maryland and Virgina. The problem is there is only so much time people have to write letters call and have to spend on all the swamp gas from our elected leaders.

I get why people were concerned about the NSA phone captures, but what are we supposed to do when government won't do the ONE CONSTITUTIONAL JOB THEY WERE Given? Seventy people slaughtered on the border this year between coyotes and the Mexican Army is seventy people to many. I guess the President and Congress are alright with seventy Americans being killed so the US doesn't appear to be racist.

As I've written numerous times I know that the government can't protect everyone all the time, but if we don't have borders we don't have a country. While I do believe we need to be fighting Iraq (and Iran since we've been fighting them since we've been in Iraq.) we have to do something about the Americans being slaughter by a foreign force in our own country.

With important issues like this they bring up minor issues that make it look as if they are doing their job. It really is beginning to seam they ripped out a page from Fahrenheit 451 by trying to distract us with crumbs, rather than making us the best country we can be no matter what our political beliefs are and doing their dang job.

I don't know what the answer is to get ALL THOSE IN THAT DANG SWAMP to listen, but we are Americans we deserve better than what we are getting. Imagine complaining about a fee, when they want to raise taxes. They really must think we are idiots.

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