Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reverend Pat Roberts Endorses Mayor Guillani. So what?

While Reverend Roberts may be an Evangelical leader his endorsement of Mayor Giuliani doesn't really mean anything. Over the last few years it has been evident that Reverend Roberts influence has been decreasing among Christians.

The idea that we are supposed to sacrifice our beliefs to vote for someone that is acting like they have their fingers crossed is flat out wrong and intellectually dishonest.

It would be one thing if Mayor Giuliani only disagreed with one or two things that make a conservative, but over half of what he espouses isn't conservatism. If it was just gay rights alone (meaning true equality, not special rights I have no problem with that) I may be convinced it would be alright to vote for him if the only issue was abortion rights (because abortion isn't going anywhere in spite of Roe being incorrectly decided). But the problem is he's for both and has waffled more than mrs. bill clinton on the Iraq War.

Reverend Roberts blessing doesn't erase Mayor Giuliani's bragging about wielding the constitution against the citizens of New York City like William Wallace thrusting a claymore through Scotland. I don't trust politicians that refuse to recognize the founders intended the constitution as a limit on government, not the populace.

And Yes, I realize Senator Thompson is going no where. Mayor Giuliani's said that, "If you agree with 85% of what I stand for....I can't find 20% beyond chasing the monsters off and his tax policy. I'm not going to the Day of Judgement and explain why I voted for someone that I almost am diametrically opposed to, there's already enough stuff I'm not going to be able to talk myself out of. Reverend Roberts 'absolution' doesn't buy that much grace for me to vote for Mayor Giuliani.

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