Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ellen Degeneres and crossing a picket line

I have to admit first I've never seen Ellen Degeneres's talk show nor have I ever seen her show in the nineties, and I don't intend to change that anytime soon.

Yesterday morning Fox News did a story about Ellen Degeneres crossing the picket line for her fans. I was a little appalled at the hit she was taking for continuing the show just because she was willing to be faithful to the people that actually keep her on the air.

While the writers guild have a point I fail to see how this strike is necessary. I don't see why the writers can't when in negotiation to sell a script they don't add the royalties. And I have to admit I a little relieved they are on strike because it's getting old seeing stories about how horrible we are as Americans. If I wanted to see that I would just go to al-jazera.

I also have to be honest I think unions have no real benefit anymore. Back when industry didn't care about safety they were necessary, but with government over-regulation that part of what made unions valuable is gone. From what I see from unions they charge dues, and they get "represented" to management. Somehow the money disappears.

When Bobcat went on strike a year ago, the workers were out about a month and only got a 4% raise, of course because the strike hurt business a few hundred were laid off. A net loss for the union in the end.

The bottom line is in spite of not being a fan of Ms. DeGeneres I respect that she is loyal to those that enjoy what she does. Too many celebrities couldn't care less about their fans.

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Ron Simpson said...

I agree, she did a good thing. She may take some hits for it from the libs, but so what?
As for the unions, some are pretty bad. But not all. We voted in the CWA at my place a few years ago. Before we got bought out, we never saw a need for a union. After we got bought by Cingular/SBC, I saw really quick how a union could be handy. I had until then not been pro-union. But the management aof Cingular was prtty heavy handed. A lot of employees got fired for stupid stuff. It was almost like the management wanted the adversarial relationship. I will be honest, within 3 months all the employees of the former AT&T Wireless voted in the Union here in OKC. I had some concerns. So I joined as a steward. My thoughts were that if I wanted to make sure the union was not doing the things I did not like, I better be involved. It turned out to be a good thing. I got promoted and had to leave the union, but the union still does good things for the employees here.