Saturday, November 24, 2007

A reason us hicks don't trust Rudy

FoxNews has an article where Senator Thompson is critical of Mayor Giuliani's cityslicker ways on a trip to a New Hampshire gun shop.

Senator Thompson reminds the Easterners that us hicks don't trust some guy that acts like he has his fingers crossed when he talks about abortion or how the Mayor's conversion on firearms really is little more than smoke and mirrors.

I kinda suspect since the Mayor is a New Yorker, the talking heads in New York are drooling over the prospect of the political version of a subway series (the same reason espn seams to only carry Yankee's games all stinking summer, even if they stink worse than Notre Dame.)

Being a hick I resent the effort to force a couple of cityslickers on this nation that couldn't tell which end of a BULL to milk. With Senator Thompson, he talks about a limited government...the Mayor would increase spending and uncross his fingers if he would become President, not something that we really need to do.

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TexasFred said...

Rudy, a RINO all the way, he can carry on about being pro guns NOW that he has to be, but if that SOB gets elected I am afraid he'll be all over gun owners..

He was a gun grabber in NYC and I don't think he's changed his stripes...