Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is a real fan?

My sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, The Denver Broncos, the Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, Nebraska Cornhusker football, UND Fighting Sioux. The reason I'm a Cowboys fan is because I read a Christian Comic book about Tom Landry when I was about seven. I inherited following the Broncos from my dad, ditto with the Twins. My favorite memories of my dad involve playing catch listening to the radio listening to either on of these teams playing catch. I follow the Reds because Johny Bench used to host a program called the "Baseball Bunch" where my beloved sister and I never missed an episode as kids. The older I got I started following the Cornhuskers also because of dad. I follow the Sioux because they are perennial college hockey powerhouse and they give my state some national name recognition. (I think this is part of the reason the ncaa wants them to change the name, because they sure don't care about the inherit slander of the Fighting Irish, or the OSU Cowboys).

After e-mailing smack back and forth to my buddy Feltzy about his Packers he told me he respected me because I'm not a bandwagon jumper. Which I can't stand fair-weather fans either. I may temporarily 'change' loyalties during a championships if one of my beloved teams don't make a championship so the event is more exciting if there is someone to cheer for. (With all we hear about how Yankees apparently hate the Red Sox, then Mayor Giuliani says he was cheering for the hated Red Sox during the playoffs...I don't really trust people that act like they have their fingers crossed behind their backs. If he can't be trusted to support his team, during a campaign, no one should support him.) The exchange I had with Feltzy got me wondering about those Cubs fans that keep supporting a team that can't or won't win a championship. Are they really fans? Are they optimists? Where do they get their loyalty? Is it misplaced? Honestly, supporting a team that perennially won't make the necessary moves to be a contender it seams like a person that votes for a party over and over again because of X issue and that party does nothing to fix X issue FOR FIFTY YEARS. Such loyalty is idiotic. It's one thing to be a fan because you love going to Wrigley Field, but to cheer for the Cubs because there is a belief that they will World Series, thus giving some legitimacy to the loyalty the fan thrust upon the team....makes a person look like they are from Rio Linda, California.

So, is a Cubs fan an idiot or just a loyal fan. Depends on how they perceive the team and their expectations and their griping about how pitiful the Cubs are. My thought if they just cheer for a team so they can gripe about how pitiful a team is, they aren't fans. If they cheer for a team because they love being in the sun and spending time with their kid that's a fan. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome....it's best to leave for Buster Keaton.

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