Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lakota Secession

Fox News is reporting that the Lakota are seceding from the US. This could be interesting considering that the land includes Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming I don't know how it will really work. I'll admit I'm surprised that this attempt has taken this long since the the Lakota take over of Wounded Knee in 1974 and the rise of the Indian Casinos bringing in hope and an influx of capital. Something to remember is the Reservations are autonomous, but the Federal government still has some jurisdiction on the reservations as of right now... I don't know yet how this move will affect that.

Something that liberal historians ignore is the Lakota's homeland was in Minnesota, they defeated those that lived west of the Mississippi taking their land. The ancient right of victory gave them the Dakotas, Nebraska, and parts of Wyoming and Montana until the US defeated them.

While the US did break treaties, so did the Nations. The only thing that the US has to feel any shame of is the Indian Schools.

While I don't know what is going to occur this, but I don't see anyone packing up.


Anonymous said...

You raise an interesting issue concerning whether the Lakota relied on the right of conquest for sovereignty of their lands.

In any event I suspect that many Americans will feel little, if any, shame regarding actions taken by their forebears centuries and decades ago.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested in secession issues, you might be interested in the writings of William S. Lind or even Tom Chittum.


I prefer John Calhoun, but the reason this is a story is because it could affect my people if some city slicker like Senator "I'll steal these words" biden has his way.


Actually, if you read some modern historians that have no real historical perspective, no understanding what occurred before Manifest Destiny do feel shame for things that they shouldn't, while ignoring issues like the Indian Schools and force assimilation.

Randolphus Maximus said...

I'd like to see the Lakota succeed, just as an academic exercise. What if you could move to another country (within the US) and not have to pay income tax, not have to deal with bureaucracies in starting a business that you would in the United States. Maybe dealing with a money system that isn't losing its value like the dollar has been doing.

I don't know, it makes my imagination run wild thinking of the possibilities.

Out here in California (Southern CA) the tribes that have casinos make BIG BUCKS. If the tribes out there feel that it is the way out of poverty for them, more power to them.


I have no problem with Indian Casinos. Shoot, Black Elk when he saw what gold did to the white of his time said that he didn't understand how that yellow rock that isn't good for anything drives whites mad.

I've always found it funny (and I ironic) that the Nations figured out how to bring some of our whites wealth back to them all the while making us whites go crazy, willing to sign over farms ect.

The thing is there is no casino down at Pine Ridge and South Dakota has small casinos in every dive across the state it wouldn't be a money maker.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing I saw in this was that this particularly tribe didn't ever accept any money from the American government to purchase land or later as a concession for land forcibly taken. If and when this issue makes it before the Supreme Court I think that they would actually have a valid case and with the support they are attempting to get with foreign powers they may succeed. Though I personally feel that they will not become completely free of the US I think something big will change for them.


I'm not saying there aren't any real reasons for this, but there seams to be a lack of popular support for such action.

I did some digging where in 2006 Russle Means ran for Tribal President and lost quite handedly too.

I also don't think that people renouncing their US citizenship is to unusual because it is one of the questions on the batf form that everyone has to fill out when they purchase a firearm.