Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merrry Christmas

I love being a Dakotan. I hear stories about holiday tree and all that aclu garbage that has attempted to for stall Christianity from the public square and I'm thankful that we have kept those traitors at bay.

I was in the mall today and they were playing a mix of the Secular with the Sacred Christmas music. I walked over to the the Customer Service Desk to voice my support for the mall's decision to recognize the Christmas as the holiday is meant to be.

I know even schools here probably wouldn't be able to get away with having Christian themed Christmas Programs, but I remember having them as a kid 23 years ago.

Anyway, as I'm getting ready to make the pilgrimage down to mom's so we can celebrate our High Holy Day I'm reminded of who we are as a people the foundation laid down by President Washington and the other Founders. How the winter at Valley Forge drove the General Washington to his knees remembering this he set forth several Thanksgiving proclamations that fully gave credit to the Almighty.

I'm also reminded about how amazing it is that Christ would give up His position, to be born in a stable for me.


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Panhandle Poet said...

Here in the Texas Panhandle we still celebrate Christmas. It even filters into our schools.

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