Monday, December 31, 2007

My solution for those that insist on driving under the influence of anything

I wrote a while back on the circumstances I would agree to legalize marijuana
and this being New Years eve I thought I would give my solution to end all drunk driving.

1. Get caught one time you loose your licence FOREVER and have to spend 3 months in jail 3 months probation and pay a $2000 fine whether or not you can afford it.
2. Second time you loose your car and you go away for a year.
3. The third time there will be no forth and the alcky gets awful chummy with a tree.
4. If on the first or second time the booze hound looses all their possessions and their family can't even get food stamps also loose their house to the victim of their senseless crime.
5. The kill someone after conviction their estate goes to the family of their victim, their family has to live in the street without government intervention of any sort, and the murderer gets real chummy with a tree.

If this were done, 90% of these pieces of human debris wouldn't have the chance to kill innocents.

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