Friday, December 21, 2007

Some digging on the Lakota Secession movement

I've done some digging on the Lakota Secession movement. It seams like it's little more than Russel Means trying to get attention. Apparently, there have been no real debates on Pine Ridge, which is mainly Ogala and not Lakota. Mr. Means has no real popular support because he lost the tribal presidency election last year.

While there some valid points raised by this attempt, including the fact that Pine Ridge is still the poorest place in the US, There is just nothing down there. It seams as if there will be little or no difference with those that renounce their US Citizenship. There is no economic plan, no way to support the Lakota that Mr. Means has put forth either, thus making this even more symbolic rather than a valid attempt to help the Lakota.

I doubt any real international pressure is going to push this forward and I'm guessing it will whither away, hopefully with no bloodshed.


Randolphus Maximus said...

Just expanding on what I wrote in the earlier post. As far as having an economic plan.

I don't think you would need an economic plan. If the Lakota decided to not have any of the taxes or bureaucracy that hinders business here. People will flock to the area with capital, and jobs, and everything else (and it doesn't need to be casinos).


It would be interesting, but it doesn't appear as Mr. Means really has any popular support to actually pull this off. The State Department hasn't even responded so I take it they figure it's a publicity stunt.

The last attempt was pretty bloody and the FBI crushed it pretty effectively.

mikewong said...

seems like it's not JUST russel means... the strongheart grandmothers (whoever they are) are in:


I didn't mean he didn't have a following, but being in the Black Hills the last two weeks if there was anymore to this than the Lakota just rejecting their US citizenship it would be a bigger story there. It really is little more than that as far as I can tell.

But it isn't the first time a Lakota Band separtated itself from the rest of their Nation either.