Friday, December 19, 2008

I love Christmas

This hasn't been an easy year for our family, and unfortunately my sister won't be home this year. It won't be a typical family Christmas for a whole hosts of reasons. Christmas gifts are going to be in short supply because of everyone has had some major expenses, but the important thing is being together (mom and Dwight are headed to Brenda's after Christmas).

I love being able to watch all the Charlie Brown Christmas and all the sappy Christmas love stories. In all honesty, Christmas is probably the only time it is the only time I allow myself to believe in true love. I guess that is due to the fact that Christmas is nothing more than Christ sacrificing His rightful place to be born in a barn.

Having a tough trip down to the family's mountain bunker, mom playing Christmas Carols over the car stereo made it an easier trip and helped put me in Christmas mood.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

While this ticks me off, I just can't quit laughing...guess it keeps me from acting like a wuss

Back in college we used to play the Kevin Bacon six degree game. While it was pointless it may have made a little bit of sense if the media would have connected the dots between tony rezco and Senator barry and there is a one degree separation between rezco, the governor, and Senator obama.

I'll be honest I don't believe Senator obama when he said he didn't consult with Gov. rod blagojevich. Partly because I know he's lying about some of his constitutional beliefs and if that didn't clinch that he had discussed the tape where the Governor basically said Senator obama has an Oedipus Complex confirms this belief.

There are enough people that have been around the Senator that should have raised questions. The people that he has nominated for the cabinet only reinforces my fear of a repeat of Waco, Ruby Ridge, or Elian Gonzalas. We have gotten the government we deserve.

I loathe any criminal activity, and this flat out disgusts me. I don't care what side of the isle is this should be immediate dismissal from office. I guess the reason I can't quit laughing about this is I suspected something like this to be coming and I just don't want start griping about how aggravating this is...I'm already ticked off enough that President bush has set down the road to socialism as much as he has so I have no choice but to laugh otherwise I'll stroke out.

I really don't know how far the governor's corruption extends, but to be real honest I am willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to Jesse Jackson, Jr. While I don't agree with his politics, I have never heard anything negative against the guy and I refuse to project his father's corruption on him. Listening to his press conference I think he's being honest. I'm sure that somewhere there is a whistle blower to what the governor was doing, but I wonder two things. 1) why if a whistle blower did exist doesn't he come forward? 2) why did Fitzgerald, who two 2 years after he knew richard armitage was the person who released valerie plame's name kept going after scooter libby for two years on a purgery charge cut the investigation short?

Enivromentalists report beavers for illegally logging.

Ananova is reporting:

Green campaigners called in police after discovering an illegal logging site in
a nature reserve - only to find it was the work of beavers.
found 20 neatly stacked tree trunks and others marked for felling with notches
at the beauty-spot at Subkowy in northern Poland.
But police followed a trail
left where one tree had been dragged away - and found a beaver dam right in the
middle of the river.
A police spokesman said: "The campaigners are feeling
pretty stupid. There's nothing more natural than a beaver."

I was hoping for pictures of beavers in handcuffs but I guess the authorities believed the beavers held the proper logging permits.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A great Idea for our benevolent lawmakers.

Fox News's Special Report with Bret Hume had a story about a proposition to make sure legislators in New South Wales, Australia stay sober after an instance where one lawmaker shoved a colleague and a couple of other legislators.

After some of the stupid things congress and it's members have done the last couple of years it would be a good idea to run a dry organization for a few years. I realize ALL kennedy relatives in government would have to quit, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My new policy when talking to Pro-choice women about gun control

I was channel surfing during a commerical break for Shooting USA. I happened on an ABC show with what was a bunch of doctors where it was discovered one of the partners was performing abortions. The head doctor, which was apparently a liberal woman told those that don't have overies to get out of the room.
I realize being a man I will never have an abortion, but if I were stupid enough to get a women pregnant I have the right to say whether or not I want the responsibility due to the 14th Amendments guarentees equal protection under the law, thus I have a right to my opinion and if it does come up in conversation I'm not going to hold back on my opinion, but if the anti-free speech tactic used by liberal women that I have no right to speak about it this is my new policy:
Since you don't own, want to own,
or want to shoot...You don't have a
right to your opinion and who let
you out of the kitchen anyway.

The Gift of Life

Per Request of Texas Fred

This is posted at the request of Concerned Citizen at Judging Truth, please
read this and if you can help, I am certain it would be appreciated! Donations
can be made at Carter Blood Care and their information can be found at this
The Gift of LifeAs we
approach the Christmas season, our thoughts turn to giving. Traditionally we
look for meaningful presents to give our loved ones that help us celebrate the
gift of life that Christ gave us by his suffering and death. I am posting this
request to ask that you give the gift of life itself to a complete stranger this
His name is Tyler Seedig and he is a young Marine who was bound
for his first duty station in just three weeks. He was home with his family this
Thanksgiving weekend and went deer hunting with his older brother on Sunday. On
the way back home they were involved in a car accident that claimed the life of
the older brother and left Tyler severely burned. He was transported to the
Parkland Burn Unit where he remains in a critical care unit with severe burns
over 65% of his body. He will not be reporting to his unit in Afghanistan, nor
will he be home for Christmas, New Years or possibly even Easter. Tyler will
most likely spend the next six months in Parkland Hospital trying to survive the
initial trauma, fight off the coming infections and allow his body to slowly
Tyler needs blood. Plasma in particular, so the type is unimportant.
I am asking any capable person who can to give the most precious gift possible
this year and donate a pint of blood to Carter Blood Center in the name of Tyler
Seedig, Parkland Burn Unit, Dallas, TX. It costs us nothing except time and
minor discomfort to give, but it can save the life of Tyler or someone else in
Through out this season we always talk of helping those in need, of
giving to those less fortunate and of remembering those who serve. Here is the
perfect chance to do all of those things with a simple pint of blood. Help this
young Marine who was embarking on a journey of service and self-sacrifice in
order to defend your freedoms and serve this nation where ever the call might
have taken him. Think of what a precious chance it is to be able to give life to
Please keep this family in your prayers as well. They have lost a
son and must plan a funeral during a season which should bring joy to us all,
while they stand by the bedside of another son who clings to life by a thread.
Remember them this season as you celebrate the love of your own families and
cherish those around you for you never know when the call home may come.Judging Truth: The Gift of Life

Saturday, November 22, 2008

If New York City is asking for a bailout from the Federal government, how could they do something so stupid? is reporting:

NEW YORK (CBS) ― City officials have ordered 22 New York churches to stop
providing beds to homeless people. With temperatures well below freezing
early Saturday, the churches must obey a city rule requiring faith-based
shelters to be open at least five days a week -- or not at all. Arnold
Cohen, president of the Partnership for the Homeless, a nonprofit that serves as
a link with the city, said he had to tell the churches they no longer qualify.He
said hundreds of people now won't have a place to sleep.The Department of
Homeless Services said the city offers other shelters with the capacity to
accept all those who have been sleeping in the churches. The city had 8,000 beds
waiting. Last year, four unsheltered homeless people died in the city
during cold weather, so three dozen emergency outreach teams were prepped to
respond to reports of homeless people outdoors or in the subways. "We really
don't want people sleeping on the streets, on grates, on church steps. We want
people sleeping in beds," said Homeless Commissioner Robert Hess.The homeless
can be coaxed indoors but not forced unless their life is in danger.

I have a dumb question: if a church only can help the homeless one or two nights a week and the city is in such dire straits as to beg for money, why would the city government tell churches not to help? It is almost as ignorant as taking private jets to a Congressional hearing to beg for money. But what do I know, I'm not a close-to-the-fort-politician

Friday, November 21, 2008

To those that are whining about the economy: STOP, you are making things worse

I know we are in tough times. I know people are hurting. BUT to a certain extent we have done this to ourselves. Whether we allowed politicians to think they know best and create smothering regulations and taxes or we have over-extended ourselves with credit that we have no way of paying back this is where we are at.

I had CNN and Fox News on today, every other story was about what to do in this economy including a no brainer about whether or not people should forgo giving gifts this year. I AM SO FED UP with garbage like this. My parents would tell us every year that my sister and I didn't get everything we wanted for Christmas. There were years we couldn't afford to do anything for vacation, including one year where a person at my folks' bank embezzled money from our family account. If you can't afford gifts, so what. Whether the economy was good or bad this year none of our family was going to do much about gifts. A couple of years ago I had less money than I have now. I gave mom a wall hanging telling her how much I love her. I just can't imagine it is such a hard thought for people to accept they don't have the money, but what do I know I've never had much money.

I know that I gripe about things, but there comes a point where we need to just accept this is where we are at and to be honest I'm a little worried about the future considering how much of the economy government is trying to take over, the threat against the 1st Amendment called the 'fairness doctrine', and a group of people that aren't willing to stand against evil are running this country. This is where we are, quit whining about it is only making things worse and it is horribly annoying.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Primer for 2nd Amendment rights for those that don't care.

After three years of writing this blog, several posts dealing with firearms, dealing with most of the factors the left is going to use to suppress law abiding citizen's civil rights when it comes to the Second Amendment I would think I wouldn't have to do this, but hearing the misinformation one of my best friends has about semi-auto rifles I guess I have to do this again.

First off there is a huge difference between full automatic and semi-automatic. This video explains the difference. I hear you don't hunt with automatic weapons, well not full-auto. I have yet to meet a person that would take $12,000 rifle into the field, but I know guys that use the semi-auto version for coyotes, prairie dogs, and other varmints. The .223/5.56 round is a good varmint round. When we talk about full-auto weapons we are talking about a 113 year old technology. With Semi-auto we are talking the 1920's with a popular Browning rifle that was used for deer hunting with a 25 round magazine. The real shame is WWII the venerable Garand rifle our troops used in WWII had a 8 round clip that couldn't be topped off. History doesn't match the concept that the founders would have never conceived of such weaponry

Frequently, our military arms have lagged behind the civilian market there were repeating arms that were used, but the government was afraid troopers would waste Ammo so they stuck with the antiquated musket and after the war developed a single shot rifle referred to as the Springfield Armory trapdoor. One of the factors that caused Custer's defeat.

Now, I do believe in gun control, but the government has no place in the process because the FBI has to great of an ability to loose firearms and computers yearly. We all have seen the video of the batf agent that doesn't pay any attention to the four rules for gun safety. I'll admit I don't want felons or crazy people to have firearms. There should have been a connection between the hospital and the NCIC with the Virgina Tech shooter, I don't have an answer how it slipped through the cracks. The thing is with 28,000 gun laws on the books how is one more going to make criminals all the sudden decide that 28,001 the are going to be good guys.

Gun control only affects the law abiding citizens. Trans world news had an article from 2007 about the positive aspects of gun ownership on the non-gun owner.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things I would love to have liberals explain to me.

I realize that this post may sound sarcastic, which is understandable considering I have a tendency to let my frustration out with my writing. But there are things I hear liberals say coming from my set-in-stone conservative perspective doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's a lack of explaining the position or maybe I just lack the nuance to understand. And no there is no sarcastic intent.

I would love to have someone explain why liberals are for abortion, but against the death penalty. Shoot, I have yet to hear a valid reason why we shouldn't from Christians that doesn't involve the answer 'they may become Christians some day.'

I would also like to know why those that push gun control, including waiting periods up to ten days, but if a 24 hour cooling off period before an abortion is merely suggested the end of Roe is upon us. I sort of understand the argument behind not allowing parental notification, BUT not allowing it supplants the state's wisdom for parental wisdom (which I worry about the lack of both).

The modern liberals have tried to get us non-liberals to switch to the label progressive. The natural state of power is to lord it over people. The progressive movement goes back to the Magna Carte in 1623 through the English Bill of Rights to the Founding of this country. So, the question is, "If the government is to take over the economy, health care, and other industries in trouble giving the government more control over the body politic, how is that progressive? It seams more regressive to me.

Seeing how this country was founded by tax protesters how is patriotic to pay more taxes? And why is right to demand people do more for their fellow man when the populous donates more money to charity than our politicians do?

When the 25% of wage earners already pay 86% of the taxes and the bottom 30% doesn't pay any income tax. At what point does the rich pay the proverbial fair share?

If politicians (both sides of the isle) want us to pay more taxes, why don't they start with themselves?

If there is no market (ie no one listens) liberal talk shows, why should the 'fairness doctrine' be reintroduced?

With 28,000 gunlaws on the books and criminals ignoring those why is it assumed that the next law will make criminals behave?

I'm sure that there are some inconsistencies I have that I miss in myself. I realize I'm not perfect, but we have a new political reality. Some of these things should have been explained in the campaigns, but were woefully either missing or incomplete. I guess I did this to evaluate my beliefs and fall under clearly the standard I expect others to keep.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So, what now?

I know I shouldn't have been surprised that Senator barry won, but I had a hard time imagining the American people voting for someone that HATES this country. I have yet to hear ANYTHING Senator barry does appreciates about this country. (Being elected doesn't count)

To be real honest, I am terrified what will become of the 1st Amendment since Senator barry attacked 3 of the 5 clauses of the Amendment, including silencing media outlets and seeing a private citizen's life being dug through just because he dared ask a simple question.

I am worried about what happens if there is a religious group that decides to close itself off. The clinton Administration had no problem killing two hundred Americans, what happens with a President that has more problems with Americans than he does with a terrorist state of Iran?
I already told my pastor that if my place gets raided he has to quote Charlton Heston at my funeral...I don't know if he thinks I'm joking or not. (Even though, we all hope there isn't a confiscation bill, that really doesn't match Senator barry's history with the joyce foundation).

I have a buddy that thinks the election is a sign that the Republican party has to go more liberal, maybe it's a sign that the Republicans should stand on principle more instead of being a bunch of pansies trying to buy votes like they did when they voted for the $850 billion socialism bill. The thing is no matter how much honor Senator McCain has he-has a history of subverting the 1st Amendment, he was no where near a real conservative and I realize he was pandering to the conservative base with Sarah, but it did make it enough for me to vote for him. The truth be told, the GOP this year had the weakest candidates ever. The fear of being called a racist kept Senator McCain from going after some of the strongest drawbacks of Senator barry...never mind he was going to be called a racist no matter what.

So, what now? I guess I'm just going to have to write even more letters and make more phone calls than what I was planning with what some of Senator McCain's stupid ideas. I'm sure I'll get an FeeBee file, but I'm not willing to concede my country to a marxist without standing my ground...even if it won't make a bit of difference.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Lakota Code Speaker honored

The Rapid City Journal is reporting:

HOT SPRINGS -- Officials at the Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans
Home in Hot Springs paid tribute Thursday to the lone surviving Lakota Code Talker,
Clarence Wolfguts.

Wolfguts, 84, was recognized in the Code Talkers
Recognition Act signed by President Bush earlier this month. The bill authorized
the production of a congressional medal for all Native American code talkers.The
aging veteran did not speak at the program attended by 70 fellow veterans home
residents, staff members, family members and dignitaries. Wolfguts, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe,
served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in the Pacific Theater during World War II.
He and other Native American soldiers from different tribes were assigned to
exchange coded radio messages about troop movements and other sensitive
information. That befuddled enemy soldiers, who could not decipher their
languages, thus providing for secure communications.The 2002 South Dakota
Legislature honored Wolfguts and 10 other Native code talkers for their
work, saying it saved the lives of countless American and allied
forces.According to the Congressional Record, Wolfguts was one of a team of Lakota code talkers during
the war who exchanged information over the radio under heavy combat action.Wolfguts and the code
talkers were so successful that military commanders credit them as key to the
success of many battles, the record said.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The left wing success story that is hugo chavez

Reuters is reporting:

SAN FELIX, Venezuela (Reuters) – Despite having some of the
world's largest energy reserves, Venezuela is increasingly struggling to
maintain basic electrical service, a growing challenge for leftist President
Hugo Chavez.
The OPEC nation has suffered three nationwide blackouts this
year, and chronic power shortages have sparked protests from the western Andean
highlands to San Felix, a city of mostly poor industrial workers in the
sweltering south.
Shoddy electrical service is now one of Venezuelans' top
concerns, according to a recent poll, and may be a factor in elections next
month for governors and mayors in which Chavez allies are expected to lose key
posts, in part on complaints of poor services.
The problem suggests that
Chavez, with his ambitious international alliances and promises to end
capitalism, risks alienating supporters by failing to focus on basic issues like
electricity, trash collection and law enforcement.
"With so much energy in
Venezuela, how can we be without power?" asked Fernando Aponte, 49, whose slum
neighborhood of Las Delicias in San Felix spent 15 days without electricity --
leading him to block a nearby avenue with burning tires in protest.
Just next
door, Carmen Fernandez, 82, who is blind and has a pacemaker, says she has
trouble sleeping through sultry nights without even a fan to cool
Experts say Venezuela for years has skimped billions of dollars in
electrical investments, leaving generation 20 percent below the level necessary
for a stable power grid and increasing the risk of national outages. Officially
Venezuela has a capacity of 22,500 megawatts for a population of 28 million
people, but a sizeable proportion is not working, analysts say.
And while
Chavez has won praise for investing in health and education, his government has
done little to repair local distribution systems that deliver electricity to end
users, from barrio residents to business and industries.
Pastora Medina, a legislator representing San Felix and nearby cities
suffering chronic power problems, this month tried to bring the issue up in the
national Congress in Caracas, but the legislature's leadership refused to let
her speak.
Several hours later, as the legislature discussed a South American
integration plan created by Chavez, Congress itself lost power for around 10
"Congress wouldn't listen to me, but God must have," Medina said
with a chuckle as she recounted the incident later at her office in San
Though it is a key oil exporter, most of Venezuela's power comes from
hydroelectricity generated in dams in the southeast, near Brazil, and sent to
the rest of the country. The remainder comes mainly from aging oil-fired
The transimission system is also suffering from underinvestment,
which makes it vulnerable to the failures that caused this year's
The government has responded by building dozens of tiny local
plants that generate a fraction of a percent of national consumption, a model
known as "distributed generation" used in Cuba, where a U.S. embargo impedes
electrical development.
But to keep up with demand, Venezuela needed to add
1,000 megawatts of new generation capacity every year for at least the last five
years, but instead it has installed only about 350 MW a year.
"We have to
reach the most remote villages with the system of distributed generation,"
Chavez said in recent speech, inaugurating a generator in a town with deficient
His government has also promised to accelerate new generation and
boost transmission grid investment.
But critics say these
small power plants are political quick fixes that avoid tackling the thorny
problems of boosting generation and fixing decrepit distribution systems.
"We need a clear energy policy, because the policy we have is not
sustainable," Andres Matas, a former planning chief for a state power company.
"This is a problem for the entire country."
He said this will require
investment in local distribution systems, speeding up generation projects
stalled for years by bureaucracy and lifting state-imposed price controls that
keep tariffs at about 20 percent of what U.S. residents pay.
It will also
require collecting fees from millions of barrio residents who illegally link
their homes to the power grid with improvised and dangerous lines -- a move not
likely to be popular with a government that depends on barrio votes.
Even as
he enjoys strong support for his oil-financed social development campaign, polls
show Chavez sympathizers are losing patience with the national and local
politicians' inability to tackle bread-and-butter issues.
Chavez last year
fired up his supporters with a wave of state takeovers including the
nationalization of electricity operations, among them Electricidad de Caracas,
which was majority owned by U.S.-based AES Corp.
But his supporters now seem
more concerned about deteriorating service than the state ownership.
power problems take the strongest toll in barrios like those of San Felix --
still bastions of Chavez support -- where power surges routinely burn out home
"Our refrigerators have burned out so we can't shop for the
week, we can only shop for one day at a time," said Nestor Pacheco, 39. "The
situation is serious."
(Reporting by Brian Ellsworth; Editing by Eddie

About four years ago hugo nationalized the energy industry. Nationalizing private businesses NEVER works. We are going to be in mess with the efforts of the 'bailout' of the banks. What happens if we nationalize health care...well we know, but we are going to try it anyway.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Shack- A Dakotaranger book review

About a week ago my pastor "loaned" me a book called The Shack. Evidently, the ministerial society in town has been in a little bit of an uproar about the book because the Theology of the book 'isn't completely right.' Truth be told I saw some Theological issues with the book, BUT this book may be the one time that the Theology should take a backseat to the message of the book.

The Shack is an allegory in the characteristic of who God really is and deals with a man's grief at the brutal loss of his daughter.

The author did an amazing job of tapping into the emotions of someone that has lost someone in a brutal way. And really challenged the protagonist's perception of who God was. The book showed a logical step-by-step process on how God works on someone to bring them to the point where they can forgive their worst enemy and heals past hurts.

There were a few minor issues I've had with the book, but there are times where the minor issues need to be ignored and God needs to be allowed to work. There are few scars I have yet to work out, and it still will be a while before I could enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with les, but I think it did a change in my heart.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama supporter steals from 'bitter American'

I don't advocate this action, but for the 'defenders of the 1st Amendment' really seams strange to think it is ok for them to silence others 1st Amendment rights.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

So connecting a white terrorist to a politician is racist, who knew

Since the daily kos guys say alot of strange things I wonder would would happen if some would say, "If you hear bill ayers think ayrian nation." It would be a fun experiment to see what would happen, I just don't care enough to try it.

I guess I don't get how it is racist to draw a direct line from a white domestic terrorist to Senator barry. I don't get how it is racist to draw a direct line to jerimah wright to Senator barry. I hear it's racist to draw a connection between franklin rains, former Fanny Mae CEO that obsconded with TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, who is advising Senator barry. Then Congressman barney 'madame' frank says it's racist to blame the fair housing act that forced banks to loan to people that couldn't afford it (there's alot of blame to go around, but Congressman frank and Senator dodd should explain what in world they were doing).

Why is it every time a liberal is busted doing something wrong they claim racism? Where were the cries of racism when Senator biden called Senator barry 'a clean articulate black guy?' Why isn't the left upset about james carville threatening riots if Senator barry doesn't win? Seams to me like he is saying that African-Americans don't have any self control, but what do I know I'm just a hick and he's a high priced political advisor...I guess that must mean he knows more than me. Shoot, Todd Palin could have called nbc's Saturday night live racist with their incest jokes by this standard.

If these guys are really as intelligent why can't they either provide an honest argument why they did what they did wasn't wrong or at the very least admit they were wrong (I know the latter is a little pollyanish of me...that White Republican from Minnesota still has never apologized for trying to pass blame to my sister for him killing our Dad, but that's another story all it's own, I'll forego mentioning ted stevens from Alaska for right now.)

SO, AGAIN how is it racist to tie a white terrorist to Senator obama? I guess I need a fancy Eastern education because even the daily kos couldn't explain that very well

"An American Carol"-a Dakotaranger movie review.

While I doubt anyone that isn't a conservative will actually go see An American Carol my take on the film is that it is worth every cent I spent to see it in the theater. There are so many movies out that I have gone to I regretted paying even matinee or rental fee to see, again this isn't one of them.

I was expecting the movie to be a little funnier, but the one major problem with that thought is some of the jokes were to close to reality for me to laugh at. It was great to laugh at those that are willing to get their virgins by strapping on a bomb, and it definitely was great to see a character that hates this Great Nation get slapped over and over again.

There of course was a message to this movie, which I'm sure those that are predisposed to believe the worst of us as a people will argue against, but that's their choice.

The movie did chronicle a little about how neville chamberline talked to the national socialist party without conditions...I wish the movie would have shown the consequence for that capitulation (or the Blitz).

There was quite a bit of cussing, but it is a Zucker film so it shouldn't have been a shock. I'll toss those that don't like us hicks to much a bone: there are some jokes about both kinds of music Country and Western, so even Senator barry would get a chuckle out of this film.

When it comes out on disc I plan to purchase. Something I don't do a lot because it cuts in to my 'bitter American budget.' So three .45 rounds out of five.

Friday, October 03, 2008

You may be a Dakotan if you...

About three dozen cars full of people showed up to greet Mrs. Bush at the church in Sims.

They were the only ones allowed inside, but one resident was determined to get a glimpse of the motorcade, and maybe the First Lady, from his property, which borders the church.

Darrel Jacobson spent a few hours riding around his land on horseback, waiting for Laura Bush to arrive.

He says there has been a lot of excitement in the area lately, and he says he wanted to see what was happening.

"I thought it was pretty neat," says Jacobson. "You have a story to tell, just one of those things that, if you don`t show up, you missed a good opportunity. Things like that don`t happen everyday."

He says his parents were married in the church.

Don't really have anything to add or real reason to post other than it was kind of nice to have the First Lady visit and it was just a cool story.

Darius Rucker "Don't Think about It"


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

If it is an emergency then why does X occur

I realize I'm just a dumb hick, but when there is problem that was warned about four years ago it can't be a surprise. BUT for some reason those that treat us hicks like 'we don't know nothin' are telling us that we MUST do this thing or Chicken Little will run past us in a big hurry.

IF this is as big of an emergency that we are told it is and is the right thing to do, why didn't the majority party 'do the right thing?' Why should conservatives that reject to ANY version of socialism sacrifice their principles, giving government control of our economy? IF this is such a big emergency why take of Tuesday and Wednesday? IF this is as big of a deal why did the stock market rebound instead of tank farther?

As I listened off and on today to economists I'm convinced that the worst thing to do is to throw $700 Billion at this problem.

If it were up to me the bill would look something like this:

1. If a company fails, the company is obliged (or make it easier for the companies to retrieve) to go after any board members, CEO, CFO and various VP's bonuses. I don't like the idea of government telling companies what they can pay or what bonuses, BUT if a company goes into Chapter 11 the bonuses aren't warranted.

2. ALL political contributions MUST be returned.

3. Companies are forbidden from contributing to politicians that have committee oversight of their industry.

4. Eliminate the capital gains tax. It is an immoral tax that does nothing than punish success, people that sell property and move into a rental property due to health issues, and does nothing to make the great down troddens' lives better. It just gives more money to an irresponsible body of people that couldn't find their way out of a paper sack.

5. Senator dodd must leave in handcuffs. Senator conrad would just be a bonus.

Knowing we have had five or six economic depressions and the last one occurred because we made businesses the enemy and let government intervene in the market making the depression last twice as long as it should have maybe the best thing we could do is get out of the way of capitalism. Remove some of the stupid regulation that the clinton Administration implemented and cut taxes would do more to keep people honest, rather than create strange loopholes, and force businesses to violate any wise business choices.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What should be part of the discussion of the $700 Billion

While I'm not an economist, I do play one on the Internet. -Sorry This whole thing torques me off, and does worry me a little because government intervention in the markets is what brought on the Great Depression and joking about this is keeping me from talking like Senator biden acting like a redneck in Virginia.

The more the politicians have messed with the economy, the worse it has gotten. The bad housing loans can be traced back to janet reno telling lending institutions to end red lining. Now if red lining as defined as because of color of hide occurred that should have been forced to end, BUT if it took away wisdom of giving loans to people that had no means to repay the loan no matter on the color of hide...we get the mortgage meltdown.

I'll be honest I don't know if we really need to bail out these banks, but let's be honest the US doesn't have the money to actually cover ANY of the bailout. One of the many, many downsides to these bailouts is it just reinforces the idea that companies don't have any responsibility for their actions and the government will just continue to be irresponsible.

Ron at The Cluttered Eclectic Mind has listed those that received donations from the government organizations Fanny May and Freddie Mac. To which I have a question. if they receive money from the government then are giving money to political campaigns how this doesn't violate money laundering laws is beyond me.

Through the last couple of weeks it has become well-known that President Bush tried 12 times to fix the problem, but failed (see democrat stonewalling) as reported by Mrs. bill clinton.

Senator chris dodd and Congressman frank should be forced to resign, receive NONE of their pension. If the politicians say the failed CEO shouldn't receive their golden parachute, neither should the politicians. The bribe...I mean contribution that Senator dodd received should be more than enough to be removed. ALL the politicians that received money from companies that are going to be bailed out should return every last cent they have received from Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae along with the money received from the businesses that are being bailed out. If silver colored bracelets are required for 535 people in the Capitol Building so be it.

The companies that are going to be bailed out, the CEO's that received major bonuses should return them to the companies before ANY government money is doled out. I'm not really for limiting a CEO's income, BUT stockholders should have the right to demand the money back from incompetent company heads.

There should be fraud charges brought against the former Fannie Mae CEO that somehow walked out the door with Tens of millions of dollars.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You know you are a cityslicker if...

you need a teleprompter at the rodeo.

I get he may not be the best speaker without the teleprompter but you go to a rodeo do you really need it, I mean the only people that go to rodeos are 'dumb bitter hicks.' With as intelligent as Senator biden claims Senator obama is I just can't imagine ...oh duh what am I saying he need a dictionary to talk down to the proletariat.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering those that faced evil for the security of this Nation

I doubt there are many people that can't say what they were doing on that day seven years ago. But since this day has been named Patriot's Day the best thing I can think of doing is what I do for Veterans Day and Memorial Day:

THANK ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE PICKED UP A RIFLE, STRAPPED ON A PISTOL, HAVE GONE INTO A BURNING BUILDING, OR TREAT THOSE IN NEED. All those that serve there fellow American by rushing into danger deserve more honor than what we can honestly repay.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Senator barry's 'pig comment.'

I think the pig soundbite maybe a little overblown, BUT I believe he meant it. The lipstick on a pig sounds like a line a cityslicker would write for a sitcom set in either the South or out here. It isn't an idiom that a cityslicker that has NO connection with hicks would use, and with his history this campaign of showing his disdain for us hicks and his first attack against Sarah slamming the fact she was a mayor of a small town. I'm forced to come to the conclusion HE MEANT IT! even if he didn't think it through. Sort of the whole out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks that Apostle Paul wrote about.

My Dad's mom.

I received some news this morning that from Grandma's standpoint is a good news since her health had been failing for the last two years. God called her home Tuesday morning.

I guess it is only natural that when you loose someone to think about who they were and what they meant to you. We never were physically close to our Grandparent except for maybe two weeks out of the year because Grandma and Grandpa had settled in Indiana, but Dad was always faithful to call Grandma and Grandpa every week.

I remember Grandma was pretty good about writing letters. I remember as a kid Mom would cut our bacon in half, but when we were at Grandma's we got whole pieces. When I was in college Grandma and Grandpa would have me over for Sunday dinner and Grandma would let me come do laundry at her place and we could visit for a couple hours. A couple of years ago Grandpa asked why always seamed to call when I was doing laundry. It took me a couple of weeks to remember that I would visit with them while I did laundry at their Harmon Street home.

Grandma had a best friend by the name of Willowdeen. When those two got together they were like a pair of teenagers. When Grandma started giggling...she kept giggling.

I would call and try to conspire with Grandpa to get Grandma to fix Grandpa a pumpkin pie...didn't really work but Grandma always giggled at the thought. My Grandma would send me jokes and pass on family history.

But the greatest thing that Grandma and Grandpa ever gave were their prayers for me. I can't begin tell how much it scares me that I don't have Grandma praying for me anymore.

Grandma I love you.

A prayer request

My sister has a degenerative form of Rhumatoid arthitus in her feet. The doctor told her to comeback when it takes her an hour to get out of bed. If God decides not to intervene she is going to end up in a wheel chair...So any and all prayer would be greatly appriciated

Friday, September 05, 2008

The New Superwoman

As commandeered from a gun board:

Did you know that...
Sarah Palin does not have 5 kids, she actually has 7. Their names are Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig, Chuck Norris, and Jack Bauer.

The Northern Lights are really just the reflection from Sarah Palin's eyes.

The Russians sold Alaska to America because Sarah Palin would not submit to autocracy.

The Arctic Circle runs through Alaska so the Sun can have some relief from Sarah Palin's bright glare.

Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

Sarah Palin is so pro-life that she personally hog-tied two reps from Planned Parenthood who came knocking at her door.

It's not raining in DC. Those are God's tears of joy that McCain picked Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin's hotness is the largest single contributor to melting polar ice caps.

Sarah Palin is the "other" whom Yoda spoke about.

Sarah Palin's presence in the lower 48 means the Arctic ice cap can finally return.

Sarah Palin fired Jack Bauer because he was too soft in dealing with terrorists.

Sarah Palin's pageant career ended early so other women could have a chance.

Sarah Palin's son Track is going to Iraq after the Surge, because a Palin during the Surge would have been unfair.

Sarah Palin wears glasses lest her uncontrollable optic blasts slaughter everyone. (X-Men reference)

Sarah Palin actually has Big Foot in her freezer.

Sarah Palin gave a speech in Texas after her water broke before flying home to Alaska to give birth. (Actually true)

Sarah Palin doesn't need a gun to hunt. She has been known to throw a bullet through an adult bull elk.

Sarah Palin once spilled coffee on Joe Biden & one of his $400 ties from Pink.

Sarah Palin keeps her hair in a beehive to hide her ninja weaponry.

Sarah Palin will personally open a homemade can of whoopa** on Ahmadinejad, Putin, and Chavez as soon as she's done making mooseburgers for her kids.

A grizzly bear once tried to stare down Sarah Palin. Once.

Sarah Palin will send Joe Biden a pre-debate cheat sheet. The sheet will have tips on defending against Kung Fu Death Grip.

Sarah Palin became governor because five children left her with too much spare energy.

Sarah Palin will give birth to the man who will lead humanity's war against the machines. (Terminator reference)

Three of Sarah Palin's 5 kids came out sideways and she never flinched.

Global Warming doesn't kill polar bears. Sarah Palin does. Generally with her bare hands.

Sarah Palin was the original "Deadliest Catch."

Sarah Palin paid her way through school by hunting for Kodiak pelts with a slingshot.

Alaska is the 49th state solely because they knew even in 1959 that Sarah Palin never finishes last.

Chuck Norris wishes he was Sarah Palin trapped in a man's body.

Sarah Palin once won the Iditarod without any dogs. She simply willed the sled to victory.

Sarah Palin wears half the makeup that John Edwards wears and still looks like twice the woman he does.

Sarah Palin once guided Santa's sleigh through an Alaskan blizzard with the light from her smile.

Sarah Palin fishes salmon by convincing them it's in their interest to jump into the boat.

Sarah Palin can recharge a battery with her grip.

Sarah Palin can tighten a screw by turning it to the left.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Founder of Farm Rescue spoke at GOP Convention

Bismarck Tribune reports:

The president and founder of the nonprofit Farm Rescue organization spoke at the
Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.Bill Gross had been invited to
speak on Monday at the convention, but it was scaled back because of Hurricane
Gustav.Gross was then slated to speak Tuesday night.Farm Rescue, which is
supported by donations, corporate sponsors and volunteers, plants and harvests
crops for injured, ill or disaster-stricken farmers in the Upper Midwest.Gross,
a Cleveland, N.D., native and UPS pilot, said he wanted to use the appearance to
help more family farmers.- Associated Press

Farm Rescue is a great organization that has helped several farmers in the area, and it IS NOT a government program. To make a donation:

MSM: 'This isn't a serious VP Choice.'

This weekend I watched and listened to the coverage of Senator McCain's choice from the media. It is slightly amazing how easily the media has ignored Senator biden's racist statements and reminding us of his plagiarizing the American communist party head back in the 1980's, but the media's slander of Governor Palin makes the muckraking of 19th Century look like good journalism.

The problem that the main stream media fails to see with their coverage if they really wanted to sink the GOP ticket all they would have to do is treat Governor Palin like she is the best candidate that has ever been. The knee jerk reaction from conservatives would be so severe that she would be dumped faster than hariet myers was for the Supreme Court.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm in love with Gov. Palin

I'll admit it I was expecting Senator McCain to choose Governor Romney as his running mate. Someone that I had a little confidence in but worried me because of his 2nd Amendment stance and the fact he is a city slicker. I was hoping for a true conservative that doesn't compromise and I've heard some really good things about Governor Jindahl and Governor Palin I was hoping beyond hope for either one of these two.

So, you can only imagine my sheer joy when I woke up this afternoon and heard she was the one tapped for the position.

I knew she was a hunter (Fox News had a great picture of her firing a semi-auto 5.56 rifle that I'm sure floored the brady bunch), I knew she was pro-life (and surprise she lives her convictions), and I know she's pro-drilling.

The more the media has covered this VP pick the more impressed I became with her. Not only is she the conservative I've been waiting for, she is my dream woman...breaks my heart she's married.

The brilliance of this choice is she is a pro-life gun toting hick. This means she is not only the exact opposite of the democrat ticket she is everything that Senator barry hates and if it causes some women to vote for the Republican ticket it is just a net gain.

This is the first time I've ever really been proud of any of Senator McCain's choices.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Glad the Twins are on a West Coast road trip

I'm a news junkie, I have been a news junkie since I was about ten years old when I would watch with my dad and I'd have the chance to ask questions at the dinner table about current events and he would at times play 'devil's advocate' if he thought my beloved sister or I was just parroting what he believed, causing us to have to think through what we believed and why.

As I grew up, I became more interested in politics and I read that evil communist manifesto, 1984, Animal Farm, das kapital, and several other books on marxism and also Capitalism. There is nothing that I don't know about socialism that would surprise me and I can smell liberal point of view from a mile away...full blown socialism two miles. Because of this I have no need or desire to watch, listen or see any of the dnc convention. Well, strike that. There was one speaker I had tuned into the convention, the President of United Tribes Technical College was going to be speaking on the necessity of secondary education for the Nations. Since this is an issue that is important to Dakotans I dutifully tuned in at his appointed time to speak to C-Span...nothing. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because to easterners race relations are no greater than a black/white issue.

So this evening I tuned into the Sci-Fi channel to watch Eureka and to my horror keith obermann, who really dixie chicked himself by attaching to msnbc...I can't even watch him cover football any more because he's just vile towards those that have the audacity to disagree with him, almost have an accident at the thought of mrs. bill clinton speaking at the convention tonight...I even had to check to make sure it was the Sci Fi channel.

In an attempt to be bi-partisan I have no intention to watch the RNC either, well maybe I'm not being that bi-partisan because Senator McCain is no Conservative and I'm no party hack.

Even with the Minnesota Twins being in a four game loosing streak, I'm glad they are on a West Coast road trip because I have something to watch.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Bitter 85 yr old American" makes burglar call the Police

AP is reporting:

POINT MARION, Pa. - An 85-year-old woman boldly went for her gun and busted
a would-be burglar inside her home, then forced him to call police while she
kept him in her sights, police said. "I just walked right on past him to the
bedroom and got my gun," Leda Smith said.Smith heard someone break into her home
Sunday afternoon and grabbed the .22-caliber revolver she had been keeping by
her bed since a neighbor's home was burglarized a few weeks ago."I said 'What
are you doing in my house?' He just kept saying he didn't do it," Smith
said.After the 17-year-old boy called 911, Smith kept holding the gun on him
until state police arrived at her home in Springhill Township, about 45 miles
south of Pittsburgh.The boy will be charged with attempted burglary and related
offenses in juvenile court, Trooper Christian Lieberum said. He was not
identified because of his age."It was exciting," Smith said. "I just hope I
broke up the (burglary) ring because they have been hitting a lot of places
around here."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Drunk Driving Diversion Programs is reporting


Since there are too many people in this country that think a tree and a rope is a bit extreme for drunk drivers this program does show some promise in working in cutting recidivism rates of alckies trying to kill innocent people.

I have been to Victim Impact Panels where victims speak to those that have been sentenced because of their illegal activity where mom's presentation has deeply effected those in attendance. Speaking from anecdotal experience she only has had 20 repeat offenders out of the 1000s she has spoken too.

While no program is perfect anything that helps keeps the roads safe and the cost to the tax payer to a minimum is a good program. I'm hoping the state expands these programs and keeps the innovation because innocents shouldn't have to pay for the selfishness of criminals.

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Olympics threated by islamic extremists

Skynews is reporting that a muslim group is threatening the Olympic games. While this shouldn't be a shocker and realize that zeal can circumvent intelligence, BUT China has no problem rounding up and killing their own people and the do not encumber themselves the way the US does in a fight.

So, my question is how stupid do you have to be to threaten a nation with a one billion man army, that has no qualms about the deaths of their own people and need more oil than what the US does. I may have been in the peanut gallery to long but it just seams like the muslims are just begging the the commies to take out iran.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Allan Saylor, age 11, gets a hole-in-one third time golfing

The Bismarck Tribune is reporting that Adam Saylor got a hole-in-one at Mandan Municipal Golf Course. It makes me wonder how many old duffers around here are going to give up golfing because of this story.

I heartily Congratulate Adam Saylor.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What scares me about Senator barry

Senator barry has said people are afraid because he doesn't look like the other Presidents on our currency. Well, that's not exactly accurate...he reminds me of another marxist..fdr. FDR would open his cabinet meetings with, "Good morning my fellow socialist." Senator barry's energy's plan is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth straight out of das kapital or fdr's graduated income tax. Senator barry's beliefs are closer to che guveria than Adam Smith's.

Senator barry's 'bitter comments' remind me of what happens when politicians don't like bitter religious people that want to have nothing to do with what Washington wants. I also know about his anti-self-defense bills he voted for in the IL Senate. We don't want to live like the British where law abiding citizens acting to protect a family member go to prison and a monster goes free.

Senator barry saying that we can't use his real name, can't put the squeeze on his wife that was making policy points, his racist religious leader is off limits. I worry when ANY politician wants to limit free speech whether it is a democrat, trent lott, or mccain-feigngold campaign finance reform.

More taxes. My life won't get any better if my buddy Jeff has to pay more taxes, well he does want socialized medicine...that might help change his mind...I may have to rethink that.

Socialized Medicine it may only work for cityslickers, but my people will end paying for it with no benefit.

Senator barry thinks we can get away from oil and head toward 'alternative fuels,' that don't exist

I don't believe Senator barry is a muslim, but I don't think he's a Christian either. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a Christian and a marxist (see the manifesto). I worry about ANY politician no matter what their political stripe that thinks that the government knows better, and I worry about people that think man is basically good, having to force a total lack of knowledge of human nature to believe this.

Lastly, I get that Senator barry wants to label those of us that oppose his beliefs as racist, but someone that hides who they truly are for part of their life, like calling themselves barry instead of barrak in college has no right to claim racism. I'm really tired of cityslickers trying this. I may be a sexist but I'm no racist.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, where do I sign up for my contempt of Congress

The house judicial committee has voted to hold Karl Rove in contempt of congress. My question is with an approval rating of 9%, how many Americans do not have contempt of congress.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Patriotic Day

Saturday is the National Day of the Cowboy. This holiday celebrates the heritage of the rugged individualist that kept this nation fed during the latter part of the 19th Century and celebrates those of us that keep to the old ways of who we are as a people.

A ranch back in the old days was a true melting pot since 1 in 3 were white, which means that there were Indians, Mexicans, and African-Americans that punched cattle. The old timers were tough where they had deal with all sorts of weather, stampedes, no sleep, and months in the saddle all for about $30 a month. They never stopped until the job was done.

The cowboy is a great symbol of who we are as a people, representing the best of who we are, looking out for our neighbor and doing the right thing.

People that honor our heritage:

SASS or Single Action Shooting Society. Member dress period and shoot tactical matches with period style firearms.

Rodeo cowboys of both the traditional and ranch variety.

And of course Ghost Towns.

So to celebrate this holiday, watch a western, go to a SASS match, or go to a rodeo and eat a steak.

That's the way a Commander and Chief, I mean Prospective Commander in Chief should act?

Der Spiegel reported:

++ Visit to US Military Bases Cancelled ++
1:42 p.m.: SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that Obama has cancelled a planned short visit to the Rammstein and Landstuhl US military bases in the southwest German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The visits were planned for Friday. "Barack Obama will not be coming to us," a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. "I don't know why." Shortly before the same spokeswoman had announced a planned visit by Obama.

But somehow had time to workout:

++ Obama Takes Time to Work Out ++
4:49 p.m.: Obama enters the luxury Ritz Carlton hotel wearing a T-shirt, black sweatpants and white trainers -- apparantly to work out in the hotel's gym. He kept up the campaigning on the way there, smiling and waving at tourists and other onlookers.

I realize that I'm just a hick, but if you want to be the Commander-in-Chief (even referring to yourself as the Commander-in-Chief) and you are near a military hospital outside the US why wouldn't you make sure you had time to visit?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Senator barry should say in Germany if he were honest....

Today Berlin, Tomorrow the World.
Forgive the sarcasm.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So, Senator barry has a less problem with a bitter religious person that would take ahold of his manhood, than religious hicks.

I realize being a hick there may be some cityslicker that claims I have no right to comment on jesse jackson's hypocricy. BUT there are four things that I pose as my bonefides:

  1. I was a Pastor's kid
  2. I went to college east
  3. I see race relations as more than a black and white thing, making me not as short sighted as an easterner.
  4. This is America and this is my blog I can write what I want.
While jesse wants to turn Senator barry into a steer, the bigger story is the use of the N-word as a pejorative. I hear pundants try to tell us that we must understand the oppression that took place and that African-Americans have taken back the word. I guess I can see how that could be, BUT watching from the peanut gallery it looks more like the word (along with all political correctness) has become a weapon just to make white liberals twist themselves into pretzels to make themselves look like good people.

There was one show where a discussion of whoppi goldberg defending jesse's use of the N-word and Elizabeth Hasslebacks response that it shouldn't have been used. Bob Beckel a democrat strategist said that he was sure that in spite of Elizabeth's impassioned plea that the word shouldn't be used that he was sure she locked the doors to her car when she enters a 'black area.' Massaad Ayoob states clearly when you get in a vehicle the windows should be up and the door locked as a matter of self-defense and we don't have this mythical 'black area' that Mr. Beckel speaks of, but I lock Elly May's door the second I get in just because if I'm going to strap on a .45 I'm going to do as much as I can to keep out of trouble.

Mr. Beckel also said that when they grew up that the trailer park that he grew up in that they would call each other 'poor white trash,' but Heaven help those that didn't live there. I guess I get this too, I was close to the same way growing up, but now that I'm adult if some Easterner would call me a redneck I can say:

  1. I'm not Scottish
  2. Look at them and say, "You're point is?"
  3. I can say, "Well, at least I know where milk comes from."

Here is the bottom line, if the word is wrong don't use it, the argument that only one group can use a word is, well silly. Granted, I'm not a cityslicker that has to worry about being labelled a racist, it's not like there are any politicians that hates me for looking to the Almighty or a .45 for my security rather than trust the government.

There is part of me that suspects that this is just a chance for Senator barry to gain distance between him and jackson, while I have no proof of this, jesse getting caught on a hot mic is a little much for me to swallow. It takes a willful suspension of disbelief if we take into account his history of racist comments. I really don't understand how the media listens to anything he says, but there again I'm just a hick.

I will be honest, as bad as the use of the N-word is I'm more disgusted if I hear a woman use ANY profanity than if I hear the N-word. It does concern me that Senator barry is less offended at what jesse said than if I strap on a .45, carry a Bible, and a copy of the Constitution.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A well-deserved vacation.

The last couple of months I have been incredibly laxed on posting due to an illness of one of my best friends. She is far from out of the woods and I almost lost her last month. Because of how intense the struggle was with her illness and having done about all I can do at this point I finally had a chance to catch my breath (for some reason I'm not high on her friend list right now, but at least she is alive.)

I was supposed to go to a family reunion last week, but fortunately I somehow talked my way out of going to it. It was not something I could have handled since my Aunts treat my mom like dirt I would have just hurt mom's feeling because I would have had to tell them what I think of how horrible of people they truly are...not a good thing.

So, last week I was away from a computer and was able to ignore Drudge, and other news sources and just relaxed. This weekend I was able to do something I always wanted to do I rented a Red Ford Mustang convertable. It was more thrilling than the first time I fired my Colt Gold Cup 1911 and the first time I kiss a girl combined. While I shouldn't admit I broke the law, one time coming down an on-ramp I was able to get her up to 110 mph. It was honestly the best $250 I have ever spent on a weekend.

The reason I decided to stay home is because no where was really appealing to go to since I would be on my own, and working the night shift I really amunable to see alot of my friends here in town. So, thinking ahead I called all my friends and we had a really windy picnic. My best friends' kids are absolutely too cute and too fun. Their oldest came running up (almost 4 yrs old) saying that his little brother (about 21/2) was throwing sand in his hair. As soon as John gave his son the dictum to tell his little brother that dad said stop, big brother ran back like he was on a mission from his fearless leader. About two minutes later, the little brother grabbed two hand fulls of sand and chucked the sand at his big brother. The whole table said, whoa because...well we all remember mistreating our sibling and John just sighed, shook his head and put the poor little guy in a time out. It was kinda funny watching the little guy do his best to sit still on the bench, but alas he just wasn't really able.

The oldest came up a little later and asked his mom if she wanted to do something better, like play with them...I can kinda remember thinking that when I was younger when we went calling on people with Dad...well I guess I'm just old and fat now and really enjoy just visiting with people now, so...

I was able to get Coleen to go driving in the Mustang. She really is one of the grooviest women I know. She has one of the most eleclectic tastes of anyone I have ever met. She would be a blast to go with down to Austin, Texas since it supposedly has one of the widest varieties of art and music in the Country (plus I can carry in TX, can't do that in Europe so I have no interest in going.)

It was a great vacation, even if there were a few things that I wanted to get accomplised that just didn't get done. Dang, I miss the Mustang.