Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now chuck shummer likes GW

There have been things I haven't agreed totally with The President. His inactivity on the border lead the list until last Friday. I have made no apology for my support for going into Iraq and staying fighting, even without the huge stockpiles of WMD's not being as large as what we were expecting. Fighting off the lefts arguments that Bush lied garbage.

Friday the Solicitor General filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court stating that firearms are an individual right, BUT that supports the Washington DC ban because the government may want to ban certain firearms (including handguns) in the future. Stating the Heller v. DC puts all gun laws in danger and may remove the machine gun ban. One small problem with that point the 1934 NFA only taxed and regulated machine guns.

After all the support, that I have placed behind the Administration, including from other Republicans for not slamming the Administration this is about the largest slap in the face that the President can give those that have backed him. This only doubles my resolve to back Senator Thompson even to the point of sending money and WILL NOT VOTE for any Eastern cityslicker that has EVER sued, banned, or bragged about wanting to ban a firearm.

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