Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reasons I won't support Governor Huckabee...ever

This project started because my mom didn't believe what I said about the Governor's pardons or his stance on illegal immigration. One of my best friends is a huge supporter of the governor because the governor is pretty close to his beliefs I can understand why Fetz supports him and I fully accept that.

As usual I need to get somethings of the way. I support Senator Thompson because he has consistently recognized the divided and diffused powers of the Constitution, being a Federalist I am drawn to this. Second, I admit this shows that I'm not a very good Christian and where most conservatives try to say they don't hate anyone...unfortunately I can't say that. In all honesty when a criminal is mentioned all I can see is a white Republican from Minnesota that much to my everlasting shame received no punishment for his attack on my family. I'm sure I'll get e-mails telling me I'm a horrible Christian and or will be spewed out or burn in hell for lack of forgiveness, you know the typical loving Christian talk. In short, I AM PREJUDICED AGAINST CRIMINALS. Where some say let God sort them out, I don't care if He does or not (Granted I don't even want LES LEMM to burn in Hell).

First off, the thousand criminals he pardoned or commuted. Apparently, if there was a pastor involved the criminal got the pardon. I think that there is something wrong when he pardons more than the previous three governors.

I find it morally objectionable to pay for an education where the parents have no legal status to be here. The idea that we shouldn't punish innocents because the crime of another is a nice thought, but innocents pay at the hands of criminals all time. What makes illegal aliens morally superior to real victims? I find this argument that the governor put forth as offensive.

Then there is the aspect where the Governor has called those of us that expect the law to be enforced racist. Again I admit I'm prejudiced against criminals, unfortunately for illegal aliens there is a white Republican that succeeded in killing my dad, tried to kill my mom, my sister, and myself...and all I see when a criminal is mentioned is him, much to my shame. Because of this I believe a criminal is a criminal and have no sympathy for them. And because of this I can recognize that pardons of a 1000 criminals robs the victims of the justice that they deserve. This is part of what disgusts me of Christians. They forgive what they have no right to forgive, thus putting a stumbling block in front of those that grieve. Christians first response should be to take care of those that were ruined by criminals, not the criminals. That's what the pardons do. I am left with the conclusion that the governor likes criminals more than law abiding citizens. My sympathies to the families the Governor has harmed.


Randolphus Maximus said...

The thing with Huck is that he's of the "the Constitution is just a piece of paper" school of thought when it comes to his positions. So he finds it well within the purview of the Federal government, for example, to ban smoking (with the taxpayer getting the privilege of paying for it). Hardly the stance of a 10th amendment champion.

Fred, while not my first choice, is my second choice for president (he actually mentions states rights on occasion, something the other candidates other than my first choice is wont to do). I don't know what I'm going to do if Huck gets the nom.

wyocwby said...

The great problem, well, one of the great problems, of Huckabee is his basic view of the function of government. When he says he wants “government to work,” he means he would like to use the power of government to bring about social change. Where have I heard this before…let me think….oh, yes. That is what the liberals are supposed to be fore. The only real difference between Huckabee and Hillary is that the social outcome that looks conservative.

The great danger in this election is that too many people in the Republican party are willing to throw the tenants of conservatism [aka limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty] out the window to get way they want i.e. a federal marriage amendment, conservative activist judges, etc. If we start to go down that slippery slope I don’t know if there will be a way to reverse it.