Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Answer to a bunch of Prayers

About six years ago our church had something that amounted to a church split. What occurred doesn't matter but my poor pastor walked into a church that was hurting and literally bleeding people. People were leaving years after the occurrence and unfortunately it hurt Pastor.

As I missed church due to an illness on Sunday, Pastor was able to convey an amazing story of answered prayer today, not just for our church but for a family escaping marxist rebels and other unrest in Guatemala (Pastor said something about a couple of kidnappings).

With in one family, our church not only regains half of what we lost in church member and attenders, but this family also wants to start a Spanish language church in connection with our church. This family was directed here by a missionary that had been to our church about a year ago where he told this family that we would look out for them (because the church was faithful to God to be disciplined to make sure that one of God's workers be provided for). The only school in the US that could work student visa's for the kids was the Christian school here in town.

Pastor asked two of the men if they would be willing to give their testimony, but it sounds like it may have to wait for a night where there aren't any children around.