Saturday, February 02, 2008

Congressman Ron Paul will win the white house with North Dakota's THREE electorial college votes

The Bismarck Tribune is reporting that ross perot, I mean Congressman ron paul is going to be in Fargo and Bismarck in preparation for North Dakota's caucus on Tuesday. While there are some things I agree with Congressman on (there's a couple of things I agree with the Govs for that matter), BUT when you blame the US and Israel for the evil in the world you really should be no where near the White House. The simple fact he's wasting time 24 hours before Super Tuesday in North Dakota really makes me believe he's crazier than britney speers.


Randolphus Maximus said...

Dakota Ranger-

Maybe you can explain this to me, how does a policy of not sending my (and your) tax dollars to foreign countries equal "blame the US and Israel for the evil in the world"

I've always seen "foreign aid" as welfare for countries, and just like welfare for the people for this country it usually ends up hurting the people its intended to help.

The Arab states that surround Israel recieve 3 times the ammount of foreign aid than Israel itself does. So if all aid were to be cut off, then Israel would benefit. Israel could also deal with their neighbors the way that they see fit.


While looking at foreign ad at as welfare is incredibly accurate, there is also some legitamate reasons to continue it. Foreign aid also stablizes countries that could become a threat if they become destablizied and there is no way that we could politically insert our troops to hault a threat (Pakastan is THE best example I can come up with at the moment).

As far as giving money to Israel's neighbors to prevent a war, I agree it is the hight of idiocy, unfortunatly political expediency demands such attempts.

The Congressman has a point but it is a little short-sighted. My problem is I've heard him say it 9/11 was our fault, totally ignoring the facts that the US is hated just because of the freedoms we espouse...the fact we help Israel only is a jumping off point for their lunacy.

Running away from those that hate us to a point beyond our borders and cease support of Israel won't halt their hate (see honor killing, mohamid cartoons, Salmon Rushdie, the disco-tech attacks in Germany in the 1980's).

Disingaging gets us nothing other than slavery.

I'll admit our foreign policy has stunk since we told Chan Ki Shek that he had to work with Mao to defeat the Japanese, but the Congressman's answers just don't work with where we are at in the world it would take a total back tracking on everything we've done in last 180 yrs.

Randolphus Maximus said...

"Disengaging gets us nothing other than slavery"

The way I see it, we spend a third of our budget (1 trillion dollars is a nice round number) on our foreign policy apparatus. Which I truly wouldn't mind if there were an end game to it. But there isn't. We still have troops in Europe and Japan. It's been 60 years since the end of WWII, those areas are hardly hotspots that threaten our national security (and those forces stationed there are on our tab). So basically, we the taxpayer get the privilege of paying for the defense of 2 areas of the world that house some of the world's richest and stable economies.

Switching gears, Dr. Paul has never said that 9/11 is our fault. That's like saying that the girl who goes out to a bar while dressed in a skimpy outfit and having guys buy drinks for her drinks all night means that she deserves to get raped. It doesn't necessarily follow.

But the bottom line for me, is that the results just haven't been there. Our foreign policy just hasn't gotten us the desired outcomes (I'm talking about since the end of the Cold War). IMO, we don't need to disengage from the world, we need to stop interfering in other countries affairs. Let them bump each other off, we should still trade with them but no more welfare.