Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I love you's a lump of coal for Valentines day

When my sister and I were young our parents would tell us, "Be good or we will give you a lump of coal for Christmas." So I have been pondering this, "If you love someone and want to get engaged why would you give someone what is at it's very essence is coal a gift you give to bad children?"If it were me I would be insulted by such a gift. I have tried to discuss this with other people but the emotional attachment to what is nothing but a hydrocarbon object is amazing.

Now since all life is at least partially made of carbon it isn't rare. At one time, diamonds may have been hard to come by, but there are techniques of making "fake" diamonds. Where these modern "fakes" cannot be discerned from the real diamonds. Hmmmm. Another thing that would give me pause in giving a diamond for an engagement gift. One that really bothers me and I don't know how I could tell someone I love them with a gift such as this. Conflict diamonds, they are diamonds that come from places that use the diamonds to fund civil war. The marxist rebels use slave labor to collect the diamonds. In all honesty, I could not look in the eye of my beloved and tell her I love her knowing these things. In times of fineancial difficulty everyone tries to sell jewels so the value would go away.

ALTERNATIVES The one I like the best is a chrome plated super .38 with engraving with either mother of peril grips or antique ivory grips (for you tree huggers). This gift could say many different things: I will always protect you, I respect that you are your own person and can take care of yourself, or I want to spend the rest of my life. The thing is such a gift will always get attention. It will always keep it's value. And for me it would be a gift from the heart. And will always increase in value.

Practical the woman will always use is and can ponder your thoughtfulness- a car. If you get a classic car it will always go up in value. She will feel like a million bucks in a '65 Mustang ragtop. Just something to ponder. Since I have sworn to stay single I don't have to try these theories out. Although, I had one female friend agree or at least understand the Conflict Diamond aspect. The moral of the blog. What do you put your value in? Is it just a lump of coal or do long for more?

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