Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, CNN is against Choice?

One of the things that make this nation the greatest nation on earth is our individuality. One of the outgrowth of this is how we've decorated the items that we use regularly. This includes a long history of ornate firearms in this nation whether it's the brass tacks on a Lakota rifle or the Tiffany designed Smith and Wesson revolvers for a World's Fair. Even today Cowboy Action shooters pay hundreds of dollars to get their competition Peacemakers engraved in the traditional way.

During the debate of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban (which no assault weapons were banned because they fall under the National Firearms Act of 1934 and were still available for purchase after a background check that makes what FISA is accused of look like getting carded at a bar.) The semi-auto version of the M-16 was maligned as an evil black rifle. They were banned just because they looked more dangerous.

Since the extinction of the worthless ban there has been a desire for the rifle for several legit reason, including coyote hunting since that's about all the 5.56 round is good for.

Now cnn has done a couple of stories about how the market is responding to the desires of gun owners to have unique looking firearms, if people don't alter their guns appearance their own.

There is some interesting mistakes in their report including this:First off this isn't a Glock design it's is a 1911 design. This is a Glock . Not being a Glock aficionado I don't know if they offer differing colors. I've seen both a red and blue but those are dummy training guns (see non-firing). I know that other companies that offer what is commonly referred to as combat Tupperware offer colors like a dark brown, tan, and OD Green because the blend into various uniforms the troops wear. It can also make it easier to color code one's pistols by caliber 9 MM black, .4o brown, ect so there is no mix up and misloading a weapon at the range.

That Lieberman guy said there is no reason for a Hello Kitty on a rifle, well I wouldn't want one but there isn't any reason a girl wouldn't want one if she wanted to go shooting with mom or dad. Shoot, I've heard some women say that they wanted a pink pistol so it would be different and look cute (well some women buy cars because they are cute.) One firearms company has added colored revolvers to their catalogue because more and more women carrying for self-defense.

Personally, I'd like to get a blue or red pistol but there again the firearms industry has decided those would be training colors, since that's the case I won't try to get one even though they would be helpful colors for me since I wear blue jeans and like red shirts, if my pistol would peak out from underneath my shirt it may keep some that are terrified of inanimate objects from freaking out.

For those that don't carry this won't really be an issue. Shoot, only one (well it was kind of three but it was the same weekend and the same person so...) of the armed robberies that has occurred in town over the last couple of years that it is known for a fact a firearm (a stole firearm from a break-in earlier in the week...lack of personal gun control). There have been a couple where the bad guy claimed to have a firearm.

November 2006 we had teenagers running around with BB guns. I blogged about that being a fear of mine because I don't really want to shoot anyone, especially if it's someone being stupid. The assumption that Law Enforcement would have if a BB gun or a "colored" pistol is leveled is it's real. Which there will still be several verbal disarm orders before it escalates to the point where an officer may have to end the threat.

The bizarre thing about the piece on cnn they kept saying there is no evidence of this really happening, but it could. At least they were honest enough to admit that there were police officers buying them for their wives.

This leaves one last question: Has anyone seen a little chicken running around here?


Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

No chicken, but a few days ago someone claimed they saw a piece of the sky fall up in the Pacific Northwest!

Randolphus Maximus said...

Purple and green and white? It's like someone took all of the worst colors from a amateur web page circa 1998 and put them on a gun.


If that 1911 (or Glock as CNN claims) is real my guess is that some reporter did it so they would have a story.

The only real reason I would do this story is in case the Police had to shoot some idiot and it turned out to be a toy because the American populace has become a bunch of sheep and may not know about the various colors gun makers are putting firearms out now.

Randolphus Maximus said...

Dakota Ranger -

I don't know if people out where you are at are making these same noises about the upcoming 2nd Amendment case, but it looks like Montana is on it.


There's not to much said about it. Unfortunately, even if SCOTUS does rule in our favor it doesn't settle the issue once and for all. I'm a little nervous about it.