Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What it must be like to be a RINO

As I was getting ready to watch the Super Bowl I really didn't have a dog in the fight. It would have been great if New England got their 19th Victory this year, but at the same time it's fun to cheer for the underdog...except the underdog was a New York team that plays in New Jersey. The angst I felt trying to decide who I'm going to cheer for must be what it's like for moderates that have find their 'answers blowing in the wind'

In the run up to Super Tuesday I had a buddy try to estole the value of moderate pragmatism. This philosophy may work fine for him, but I learned the hard way that selling out my beliefs to compromise to make others happy when I'm convinced I'm right only hurts the people I care about most. God knows I dread the day I have to answer for that lapse in judgment and I won't have a good answer to why I compromised either.

We also talked about Senator mccain. He was trying to sell me on his 'Conservative' values, from his pro-life stance which is really weird because he knows that I think that most in the pro-life movement are short-sighted by not dealing with premarital sex or pregnant single mothers, thus making that issue not a top issue with me. The one thing I had to really admit is most conservatives hold the gang of Fourteen against mccain (Something I still not happy about), but I got the impression when that was going on the majority leader didn't want to pull the 'nuclear option', talked mccain into pulling that stunt.

My buddy conveniently tried to leave out the one thing that is an earmark of a conservative, big government. He finally had to concede that is one of the things that the Senator caved to his liberal leanings. I've been incredibly consistent on big government, on politicians that want to limit freedoms being a threat to the American citizenry. It is bad enough to see liberals try to do this but it is absolutely disgusting to see Republicans that act as they know better than the populace.

I've written about oversized government imposing smoking bans, but I see and hear people say things like well I don't want to sit in smoking section. I've brought up the concept of what if there is an attempt to ban pop (san fransisco is trying to tax it, usually the first step to banning a 'sinful item') and now Mississippi has a bill in their legislature that would criminalize serving fat people. I listened as the Republican politician has tried to back pedal claiming he just wanted to bring attention to the problem in the state--elephant droppings.

While I realize my buddy is only trying to cause me to think a little bit and maybe right that this isn't a conservative nation and even if I was the last conservative on earth I'm not sacrificing my beliefs to make someone feel warm and fuzzy . But it is tiring to listen to Fred Barnes and other Easterner Republicans trying to call those of us that are principled with what we believe essentially idiots because we aren't willing to goose step behind someone that hasn't stuck to Republican principles for the last ten years.

Where this leaves me with the Presidential election is concerned is I have to stick to my principles I'm not a Republican hack where I have to act like Kevin Bacon in Animal House where I bend over and say, "thank you can I have another." I don't have to vote for any of the RINOs. I fully intend to write in Senator Fred Thompson. I have family members that have tried to tell me that I'm just throwing away my vote, but I beg to differ. If I vote my principles I won't have as much to explain on the day of judgment as if I did throw my vote away by backing someone that isn't any where near a conservative.


fetzer said...

Extremism in the pursuit of making a statement is no virtue. Pragmatism in the pursuit of good government is no vice.


Good thing conservatives do things for principles then isn't it.