Sunday, March 30, 2008

If the stupid government would have left things alone in the first place animal rights activist wouldn't whine about this one

The AP is reporting: That with the grey wolf being taken off the endangered list that Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana are planning to allow hunting for these pests...I mean lovely creatures.

While it maybe a romantic notion to have these critters roaming the plains, the people that subsist on granola never really have had to live with the consequence of reintroduction. There are some good reasons that they were hunted to near extinction including the damage a pack of wolves do to livestock.

We have all heard that there is no recorded of a healthy wolf not attacking humans...I don't really buy it because those flea bags are like any other territorial animal. The same was said about mountain lions and there have been some widely reported attacks in California and there was an attack a couple of years ago here. Also, California is having a huge problem with coyotes coming down into town (not the coyotes that smuggle humans) and there have been attacks.

The reintroduction of the grey wolves from Canada was idea that some pencil pusher from that swamp on the Potomac came up with because 'it will help the environment. This idiot probably would try to milk a bull. The reintroduction was about the same time of that bizarre policy of letting fire burn in Yellowstone rather than fight the fire. Never mind it wouldn't have been as widespread if logging was permitted.

What boggles my mind about animal rights people is IF evolution is true and the wolf can't adapt to something that is above them on the evolutionary table do they really deserve to exist? IF evolution is true and man is nothing more than animal, then doesn't man have just as much right to dominate it's environment? While an argument maybe posed about man's impact on the environment this argument ignores the impact that animals may also have.

The rancher told the government what would happen, and of course the government didn't care because they were 'doing it for the children' or one of their warm fuzzy feeling sayings. Now that the packs are attacking livestock and the numbers are big enough to kill a few off it's a good time to actually be responsible about having these killers loose.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jaci Yager

As I was watching the O'reily Factor tonight, they mentioned a little girl that is going to die with in hours or days. The only thing she wants is her dad to be with her one more time. Apparently the law leaves room for furlough for extreme issues.

In spite of any disdain or loathing I have for criminals especially for those that deal drugs this is one of the few times I could see having the compassion for the criminal and allow the furlough. Most of the time my beliefs fall under letting the criminal suffer the consequence of their crime, including missing funerals, so they remember what the cost of their crime really is because criminals don't give a warm bucket of spit about the law abiding but are selfish.

If this guy raped, pillaged, or murdered I would have sympathy for the daughter, but I wouldn't be for the furlough.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SCOTUS, militia, self-defense

Listening to DC v Heller today was a better civics/history lesson on who we are as a people than I received in public school. The lawyers went back to the English Common Law and the English Bill of Rights from 1699. From all reports the Justices are doing their own research because of lack of judicial review in the case.

The thing that bugged me is that we were founded as a nation of rifleman and the complete lack of knowledge of firearms from all three lawyers and most of the Justices. The problem with triggerlocks is the middle of the night scenario where a bad guy breaks in and you have an adrenaline dump affecting your fine motor skills. There are biometric safes that are fairly inexpensive and if I had kids would be one of the ways I'd go about securing a firearm at night.

During the build up to the case there has been a lot of talk from white rich liberals complaining about the 'all powerful evil' NRA. I'm becoming more and more convinced that elite liberals hate the common man no matter what they look like whether it's if we send our money to the NRA or shop at Wal-Mart or like french fries with our burgers.

I know it's a hard concept for those that believe if we just sit around a campfire and sing kumbah that we will all just get along or even the sheer arrogance thinking that in spite of the 28,000 gun laws (actually there are that many) that a criminal will obey the next one.

Despite some of the arguments that were given, machineguns aren't banned they are regulated under the NFA of 1934, although, if some of the Justices get hung up on the militia clause the NFA act of 1934 could go away (Shoot, I really want a Thompson). The brady campaign's guy saying if Heller's position is victorious this will be an assault weapon against all gun laws, well I hope so but a .30-06 round is more effective than the .223.

As far as the reasonableness of the prohibition of sidearms in the district. The District lawyer stated that a rifle or a shotgun could be used. That maybe true to a certain extent, but the problem is anything over .223 is going to go through the next to houses, a bolt action is to slow, and doubt a semi-auto rifle is legal in the District. From a tactical stand point a rifle or shotgun is harder to clear a house (which should only be done if there are other family members that aren't in the room with you and a bad guy is running around)because there is more of a chance that a bad guy could grab the barrel and take it away, with a pistol there are weapon retention tactics that are fairly easy to do.

Unlike Mr. Heller's attorney I do have a problem with licencing. The right to bear arms is a right not a privilege like driving. I do believe those that carry, shoot for the fun of it, or even just collect should know how to use and be proficient. There is something that is particularly onerous about the idea of licencing when the government can't even keep track of their own firearms. While I don't want criminals or crazy people to have firearms, I do worry about the government trying to pass some impossible standard that would effectively cause law abiding citizens. I listened to one brady say that those that want to own should sacrifice our Fourth Amendment rights...I wish I could have asked him if he was pro-abortion, and if he was I'd like to know what he thinks of a 24 hr cooling off period (abortion of course being a non-existent Constitutional right that SCOTUS invented). We don't licence our other rights, nor do we do background checks for the privilege of driving. When there are politicians that want to give drivers licences to illegal aliens it is disgusting to us law abiding gun owners that we have to go through a background check at every purchase.

All this been said I am a little nervous how this is going to play out because those that are afraid of inanimate objects won't quit trying to ban them IF DC looses and it will just embolden them if DC does win. But there is something wrong when law abiding citizens have to suffer at the hands of criminals when the mayor is well-protected and doesn't have to live in a bad neighborhood.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soldier stops shooting in Los Vegas honored

KFYR is reporting:

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) _ A North Dakota National Guard soldier
from Crosby is slated to be honored today.
Justin Lampert helped subdue a
gunman in a Las Vegas casino last summer. He's getting the Army's Soldier's
Medal at a ceremony today at the state Capitol in Bismarck. The medal is a
non-combat award for heroism by a soldier.
Authorities say Lampert tackled a
man who opened fire with a handgun inside the New York-New York hotel-casino in
Las Vegas last July. The shooting wounded four people and caused a panic that
left another person injured.
Lampert, a veteran of the Iraq War, was in Las
Vegas to attend a bachelor party when the incident happened.

This gentleman really speaks to the best of who we are as a people to engage an active shooter unarmed makes him a hero and someone that should be honored by all Americans.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

If we ban candles only criminals will have candles.

KHQA is reporting:

Anti-Candle group forms in Quincy

By Melissa ShriverPosted: Thursday, March 06, 2008 at 6:29 p.m.
More and
more house fires are started by burning candles.
We found out 3 of Quincy's
fires we've told you about last year were caused by candles.
Here's what we
else found when we dug deeper for this KHQA FactFinder. The number of
candle fires nationwide has tripled in the last decade. It's the fourth
leading cause of house fires. And they cause hundreds of deaths each
We found out there's a group of people in Quincy taking action to stop
these fires.
This is what's left of Dana Carder's home in Quincy. The
destruction started with just one burning tea light candle.
What was your
first reaction?
Carder said, "I left a candle burning in the bedroom and by
the time I got back, the cat had knocked the candle into the clothes
hamper. My only reaction was to yell at my daughter to get out of the
house. That was the only thing to go through my head. I cried for days and
days on end and then when I was done feeling sorry for myself and crying for
myself, I decided that I was going to help people realize how much damage can
happen from a candle so it wouldn't happen to someone else."
Now Carder is
putting together a group of people whose sole purpose is to educate you about
the dangers of candles.
Carder said, "Every time you light a candle you put
your family at risk, you put your children at risk and you put yourself at
Her group advocates the use of flameless candles like these....and
candle warmers to get the same good scents with none of the potential
Now other fire victims have joined her cause. Tasha Farris'
home burned down in 2006.
Farris said, "Maybe my house didn't catch on fire
from a candle but a lot of house fires do start with a candle. If I can stop one
person's house from catching fire from a simple candle. That's all I want
to do."
Experts say you should never leave burning candles unattended...but
Farris told us that advice isn't good enough.
Farris said, "There's no
possible way you can keep an eye on that candle all the time. You cannot, it
doesn't happen. Things will come out which will take your attention away. I
don't care if it's on a glass plate or tray. It can still be knocked over and
still set something on fire."

I really wish these people would own up to the fact that they messed up and not try to limit other people's freedom. While being responsible on handling fire is logical, trying to get other people to change the way they do things just because you are an idiot shows more hubris than a Eastern governor that visits hookers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A crooked politician and the press is whining like a little school girl!?

I have to admit I don't get why there is the coverage of this slimeball. I know that New Yorker's think the US ends at Lake Erie, but to basically go wall to wall on this is ridiculous. I guess it maybe the first time the media has had the scales from their eyes to see hypocrisy in another liberal. The shock that these Easterners have been showing during this coverage is just laughable.

The thing made me laugh is the thought all he would have had to do was pay attention to his terrorism briefings he wouldn't have gotten caught violating the Mann Act. The sheer arrogance of this guy must be immense to drag his poor wife out before the cameras was one of the cruelest things ever broadcast over the airwaves.

He has to go, but this constant whining I keep expecting keith oberman to come out in ashes and sackcloth. The next time I want to hear anything about this story I hope it's when he's entering Leavenworth, there is no redeeming quality to this piece of human debris and nothing more about his life is worth being heard, now to convince those dang cityslickers.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm an American classic -- fast...

I'm a Ford Mustang!

You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money.

"Take the">Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paster Brenda

My sister is one of the most amazing people I know. When she was in high school she caused one of our commie Senators to be speechless with a question she posed. She received her Masters in Social Work from University of North Dakota and worked for the state for five years after her graduation.

Unfortunately (well she was an hour and half away now it's about 12 hours), two years ago she decided that she should take a job in Iowa at a Christian counseling center. As she became more involved with the church she took over the youth she took over the youth Pastors duties.

Yesterday, she met with Iowa's Wesleyan District Board and became a licenced Pastor. Now in two years, a paper and another interview with the district she will be ordained.

She's now the third generation of our family that has become a Pastor. Needless to say I'm really proud of my sister.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I thought Bees were dying off?

KFYR is reporting:

FARGO, N.D. (AP) _ North Dakota's honeybees have been busy
over the past year. A new federal Agriculture Department report says the
state's honey production totaled 31 million pounds last year. That put the state
first in the country for the fourth straight year. The report from USDA says the
state had 420,000 honey-producing colonies last year, which was an increase of
70,000 from the previous year. The figures include producers with five or more
colonies. The 2007 honey crop is estimated to be worth 38.2 million dollars, up
28 percent from 2006.

If the bees were actually disappearing like was reported last summer why is the number of colonies actually up? Seams like the media has just gotten into a rut where they keep seeing chickens running around in circles.