Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A crooked politician and the press is whining like a little school girl!?

I have to admit I don't get why there is the coverage of this slimeball. I know that New Yorker's think the US ends at Lake Erie, but to basically go wall to wall on this is ridiculous. I guess it maybe the first time the media has had the scales from their eyes to see hypocrisy in another liberal. The shock that these Easterners have been showing during this coverage is just laughable.

The thing made me laugh is the thought all he would have had to do was pay attention to his terrorism briefings he wouldn't have gotten caught violating the Mann Act. The sheer arrogance of this guy must be immense to drag his poor wife out before the cameras was one of the cruelest things ever broadcast over the airwaves.

He has to go, but this constant whining I keep expecting keith oberman to come out in ashes and sackcloth. The next time I want to hear anything about this story I hope it's when he's entering Leavenworth, there is no redeeming quality to this piece of human debris and nothing more about his life is worth being heard, now to convince those dang cityslickers.

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