Sunday, March 30, 2008

If the stupid government would have left things alone in the first place animal rights activist wouldn't whine about this one

The AP is reporting: That with the grey wolf being taken off the endangered list that Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana are planning to allow hunting for these pests...I mean lovely creatures.

While it maybe a romantic notion to have these critters roaming the plains, the people that subsist on granola never really have had to live with the consequence of reintroduction. There are some good reasons that they were hunted to near extinction including the damage a pack of wolves do to livestock.

We have all heard that there is no recorded of a healthy wolf not attacking humans...I don't really buy it because those flea bags are like any other territorial animal. The same was said about mountain lions and there have been some widely reported attacks in California and there was an attack a couple of years ago here. Also, California is having a huge problem with coyotes coming down into town (not the coyotes that smuggle humans) and there have been attacks.

The reintroduction of the grey wolves from Canada was idea that some pencil pusher from that swamp on the Potomac came up with because 'it will help the environment. This idiot probably would try to milk a bull. The reintroduction was about the same time of that bizarre policy of letting fire burn in Yellowstone rather than fight the fire. Never mind it wouldn't have been as widespread if logging was permitted.

What boggles my mind about animal rights people is IF evolution is true and the wolf can't adapt to something that is above them on the evolutionary table do they really deserve to exist? IF evolution is true and man is nothing more than animal, then doesn't man have just as much right to dominate it's environment? While an argument maybe posed about man's impact on the environment this argument ignores the impact that animals may also have.

The rancher told the government what would happen, and of course the government didn't care because they were 'doing it for the children' or one of their warm fuzzy feeling sayings. Now that the packs are attacking livestock and the numbers are big enough to kill a few off it's a good time to actually be responsible about having these killers loose.


Carla said...

Hey Craig, I was strolling around the internet and found your blog. I just wanted to see how you are doing.

Carla Morgan (IWU)


I'm doing pretty good. I'm working Security for the State's Historical Society. The rest of the clan is doing pretty good. My sis is working in Iowa as a social worker and a youth pastor (she just became a licenced pastor.)

Ron Simpson said...

It has always boggled my mind that the endangered species act and all the other legislations and efforts to save animals from extinction actually exists.
Animals have been going extict for millinea. It happens. It is the natural order of things. Who are we to play God and try to keep these species viable? I can agree to not hunting animals to extinction but for animals that are naturally dying off, so be it.

Ride Fast said...

As they say in ranch country, do the three S's, "Shoot, shovel and shut up."

A lady near here lost all her chickens, most of the goats and some sheep to a mountain lion we aren't suppose to kill. It's crazy.