Thursday, March 13, 2008

If we ban candles only criminals will have candles.

KHQA is reporting:

Anti-Candle group forms in Quincy

By Melissa ShriverPosted: Thursday, March 06, 2008 at 6:29 p.m.
More and
more house fires are started by burning candles.
We found out 3 of Quincy's
fires we've told you about last year were caused by candles.
Here's what we
else found when we dug deeper for this KHQA FactFinder. The number of
candle fires nationwide has tripled in the last decade. It's the fourth
leading cause of house fires. And they cause hundreds of deaths each
We found out there's a group of people in Quincy taking action to stop
these fires.
This is what's left of Dana Carder's home in Quincy. The
destruction started with just one burning tea light candle.
What was your
first reaction?
Carder said, "I left a candle burning in the bedroom and by
the time I got back, the cat had knocked the candle into the clothes
hamper. My only reaction was to yell at my daughter to get out of the
house. That was the only thing to go through my head. I cried for days and
days on end and then when I was done feeling sorry for myself and crying for
myself, I decided that I was going to help people realize how much damage can
happen from a candle so it wouldn't happen to someone else."
Now Carder is
putting together a group of people whose sole purpose is to educate you about
the dangers of candles.
Carder said, "Every time you light a candle you put
your family at risk, you put your children at risk and you put yourself at
Her group advocates the use of flameless candles like these....and
candle warmers to get the same good scents with none of the potential
Now other fire victims have joined her cause. Tasha Farris'
home burned down in 2006.
Farris said, "Maybe my house didn't catch on fire
from a candle but a lot of house fires do start with a candle. If I can stop one
person's house from catching fire from a simple candle. That's all I want
to do."
Experts say you should never leave burning candles unattended...but
Farris told us that advice isn't good enough.
Farris said, "There's no
possible way you can keep an eye on that candle all the time. You cannot, it
doesn't happen. Things will come out which will take your attention away. I
don't care if it's on a glass plate or tray. It can still be knocked over and
still set something on fire."

I really wish these people would own up to the fact that they messed up and not try to limit other people's freedom. While being responsible on handling fire is logical, trying to get other people to change the way they do things just because you are an idiot shows more hubris than a Eastern governor that visits hookers.


Randolphus Maximus said...

I thought the piece was a goof, like an article you would read in "The Onion". Little did I know when I clicked the link, I'd find out it was real. All I've got to say is that at least it's not the government doing it.


Give it time.