Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jaci Yager

As I was watching the O'reily Factor tonight, they mentioned a little girl that is going to die with in hours or days. The only thing she wants is her dad to be with her one more time. Apparently the law leaves room for furlough for extreme issues.

In spite of any disdain or loathing I have for criminals especially for those that deal drugs this is one of the few times I could see having the compassion for the criminal and allow the furlough. Most of the time my beliefs fall under letting the criminal suffer the consequence of their crime, including missing funerals, so they remember what the cost of their crime really is because criminals don't give a warm bucket of spit about the law abiding but are selfish.

If this guy raped, pillaged, or murdered I would have sympathy for the daughter, but I wouldn't be for the furlough.

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Ron Simpson said...

I read about this and was sad for the girl. I was one of the people that wrote in for the furlough. I am as hardcore against criminals as any other, but I do believe in compassion too. I hope that the loss of the time withhis daughter due to the prison time will be a better teacher to him than any other.
I cherish my boys more than I can say. To lose one is my worst nightmare. To not be about pain.